Restaurant Beck (update), Depoe Bay, OR., 6/24-26/21

sign at the inn

We visited Restaurant Beck and stayed at the beautiful Whale Cove Inn about one year ago.  The facility hasn’t changed but the town of Depoe Bay has revitalized with the dispersal of a vaccine for Covid.  Since there are the previous entries on this lovely place I thought I’d make one post of the 3 dinners we had there.  They still offer three and five course tastings as well as an a la carte menu (wine pairings are available). The first night we enjoyed the 5 course tasting menu, but last year we realized that with their small menu, changing what we get every night is not possible.  So the second two nights we ordered a la carte.  I will post pictures of the items but not repeat pictures if we had the same item another night.  They still have a limited bar as well as bottles of wine.  It is a beautiful and tasty place to stay and/or eat.

Frankie shared the restaurant details




menu 6/24
Frankie and a Negroni cocktail (with smoked orange slice)


The tasting began with Albacore Tataki which also included leek blossoms, arugula oil, chili threads, black peppercorn, finger limes and buttermilk. The tataki preparation means the tuna was seared on the outside and raw in the middle and it was perfectly executed.  The sauce and other ingredients blended nicely but it needed a  sprinkle of salt.

Albacore Tataki, leek blossoms, arugula oil, chili threads, black peppercorn, finger limes, buttermilk


Rockfish was in a dashi and XO sauce and plated with pickled spring onion, harissa seaweed and ice plant.  Interestingly this one had a sauce that was slightly salty and another perfectly cooked fish.  The dish had lots of flavor – a good one.

Rockfish, dashi, pickled spring onion, harissa, seaweed, XO sauce, ice plant


Pork Belly was plated with pomodoraccio(sun-dried tomato) ice cream on sea beans.  This dish is one the house specialties, plating pork belly and an ice cream.  The sea beans were freshly foraged.  The pork belly was a fairly lean piece but tender and tasty.  It blended well with the tomato ice cream.

Pork belly, pomodoraccio ice cream


Wagyu Beef was plated with morel mushrooms, toasted almond, micro kohlrabi, fava beans and a bit of beef jus.  The beef was nicely rare and the flavor was enhanced by the toasted almonds.  The fava beans were tasty as were the mushrooms.

Wagyu Beef, morel mushrooms, toasted almond, micro kohlrabi, beef jus, fava beans


Dessert was Chocolate Cremeux topped with toasted pecans, fennel frond and brown butter crumb.  The nuts were very good and nicely accented the chocolate.  The chocolate was smooth and creamy.  A good sweet fix for the end.

Chocolate Cremeux, toasted pecans, brown butter crumb, fennel frond
Frankie enjoyed the view





Each meal started with a plate of housemade focaccia and salted butter.  I think they made it for their Italian restaurant in Newport.  It was lightly toasted and sliced.  All nights it was on the dry side but very edible.  Didn’t really need the butter but it was good.

focaccia and butter


We each had the Farm Greens which contained Romaine leaves and other  lettuces dressed with wildflower apple honey vinegrette, topped with parmesan, toasted pecans and blueberries.  The tart/sweet dressing nicely coated all the leaves and the really tasty nuts added a wonderful crunch.  The blueberries were sweet and added a richness of sorts.

Farm Greens, wildflower apple honey vinegrette, parmesan, toasted pecan, blueberries


The Artichoke Barigoule contained 144ºF poached egg, wild onion blossom, butter crumb, soubise, carrots, garlic and dill. The broth in this one was amazing and filled with fun ingredients.  The egg was soft in the yolk but not too runny.  Lots of flavors in this excellent dish.

Artichoke Barigoule, 144F poached egg, wild onion blossom, butter crumb, sousbise, dill
egg opened


We passed the 2 entree plates back and forth.  Halibut was served with compressed cucumber, shaved fennel, miso cream and fennel frond.   The halibut was cooked perfectly and very tasty with the sauce.  The fennel was mild but the cucumbers were loaded with flavor.

Halibut, compressed cucumber, shaved fennel, miso cream, fennel frond

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin was topped with toasted pecans on top of grilled zucchini “slaw”, dusted with togarashi (seasoning mix) alongside micro radish greens and carrot cream. The pork was cooked a wonderful medium rare and really smokey from the bacon surrounding it.  It was moist  and really good with the slaw.  The carrot cream was smooth and strongly tasted of yellow carrots.  This was a terrific dish.

Pork Tenderloin, bacon wrapped, toasted pecans, grilled zucchini “slaw”, togarashi, micro radish greens, carrot cream


Dessert was Almond Cake on honey rhubarb, nasturtium fluid gel and macerated strawberries then decorated with nasturtium leaves.   It was a torn piece of the cake on top of the sweet mix.  The cake was good but presentation was strange however the after affect made it worth it.  Goodness here.

dessert menu
Almond Cake, honey rhubarb, nasturtium fluid gel, macerated strawberries, nasturtium


We met a fun couple originally from Dallas where we are mostly based, who now live in Los Angeles.  We compared some restaurant information and then Frankie just had to pose with them.

Other guests Caryn and Matt Weghorst and Frankie



menu 6/26


Our last night we enjoyed the focaccia and farm greens salad.  Then we got to try salmon crudo plated with French breakfast radish, dressed with chili threads and black peppercorn in buttermilk and arugula oil dressing.  Some of the crudo still had the skin attached which made it a bit tough to cut but all of it had lovely mild flavor.  I found the chili threads distracting rather than enhancing the dish mostly due to texture.

Salmon crudo, French breakfast radish, arugula oil, chili threads, black peppercorn, buttermilk


We had the halibut again and this night they offered Sablefish with the Rockfish set-up from the first night.  It was in dashi with pickled spring onion, harissa, seaweed, XO sauce and ice plant.  Sablefish is so delicious it would be hard to make it bad and this didn’t disappoint.  The good preparation was also perfect to highlight this delightful fish.

Sablefish, dashi, pickled spring onion, harissa, seaweed, XO sauce, ice plant


The final night we finished with the Cinnamon Creme Brulee.  It was a lovely smooth custard with a perfectly caramelized top.  The cinnamon was mild for a perfect end result.

dessert menu
Creme Brulee and cinnamon
Frankie warmed on the candle


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