Nelscott Breakfast House, Lincoln City, OR., 6/26/21


Nelscott Breakfast House alternately called Nelscott Café is a small coastal cafe offering breakfast and lunch items. Located in Lincoln City, their patio welcomes dogs too and there are special items available just for our canine companions.  It’s in a strip of shops along the highway in what looks like a house and was started around 2009 by a couple with the names Nelson and Scott, but it has changed hands a number of times.  Inside you find a number of tables and stairs to another level of seating as well as a door to the patio.  Plenty were also getting food to-go.  A pass through window to the kitchen lets you get a small peek at the action, windows are all around, music is in the background and happy people are everywhere.  Service was outstanding – they promptly took our order and food was out quickly, which was great as we were on our way to the airport. The menu has a good selection of sweet or savory dishes but there are also specials, which were noted out front.  I would go back if I am ever anywhere close.   


Frankie shared the restaurant details
exterior with patio behind the red door
to-go/cashier area
to second level
Frankie found some decorations
peek in the kitchen



menu 1
menu 2
daily specials
Frankie enjoyed a good sized cup of coffee


We tried one of the specials, the Crab Omelet which contained crab, grilled onion, bacon, Swiss cheese and fresh avocado wrapped in 3 eggs and served with House Potatoes and fresh biscuit (or choice of toast).  This was an amazing and tasty dish.  The plentiful crab was well balanced with lots of other ingredients.  The cheese was outside – on top of – the omelet rather than inside.  The potatoes were also good, nicely crisp and tasty but the biscuit was a bit flat.

crab omelette


They offer three flavors of French toast which you can get in individual orders or brilliantly they offer a plate featuring one of each type.  All are made with thick sliced Texas French toast which is buttered and cooked to delicious perfection then served with butter and homemade cream.  it was the only type to come with butter but there was plenty to spread around.  The Almond Cornflake covers the toast with crushed cornflakes and almonds and then it is topped with powdered sugar and served with homemade cream.  The Oat Crusted is the toast lightly dusted with oats and then topped with powdered sugar and served with cream.  All were wonderful and perfectly moist in the center.  They also served some syrup and whipped cream so you could doctor them up however you want.  The almond cornflake might have been a slight favorite mostly because it added a fun crunch to the exterior of the wonderful bread.  I did add syrup rather than using the cream but that’s a personal preference cause I think it would be good any way.

French toast sampler
Frankie posed

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