The Marx Bros. Cafe (update), Anchorage, 7/30/21


We last visited the Marx Bros. Cafe in 2018 and gave lots of history in the that write up.  The two rooms now seem to have less tables, probably to do with Covid.  Otherwise it looked very similar with music in the background and the front door open for ventilation.  It is a more elegant spot on the Anchorage dining scene and lots of special occasions were being celebrated the night we were there.  The food is good but seemed more tired this visit.


Frankie shared the restaurant details



menu cover
menu 1
menu 2
wine front
wine back


They start everyone off with a small dish of olives and a selection of 3 rolls and softened butter.  The rolls were all nice and warm but no explanation of the various flavors was given when served.

bread and butter and olives


Marx Bros. Caesar is prepared table side and is quite the show.  Co-owner Van made salads for about every table that night and combined ours with the adjacent 2-top.  Into the large bowl first is garlic and anchovy that are forked into small pieces and made into a mash.  Add fresh squeezed lemon, oil, cheese and eggs to make the dressing into which the bowl of lettuce and croutons are poured and mixed.  Each plate is further doused with parmesan before serving.   It is a delicious result with a good balance of seasoning.

Co-owner Van making salad
painting of Richard “Van” Hale with salad bowl on his head
Caesar salad
Frankie noted the table ammenities


Poached Copper River Sockeye Salmon was served with a fresh truffle sauce, sautéed spinach, roasted fingerling potatoes and root vegetables.  The fish was slightly over cooked even though it was called medium rare.  The truffle was tasteless and looked more like a dried herb in the sauce.  It was served with a really generous portion of spinach and vegetables with what tasted like a simple white sauce.

Poached Copper River Sockeye Salmon


Macadamia Crusted Halibut was made with fresh Alaskan halibut that is baked in a macadamia nut crust with coconut curry, fresh mango chutney and tuxedo rice.  The fish was well crusted and retained its moistness.  It was served with a ton of vegetables and forgettable rice. The curry sauce was excellent and perfect with the bits of mango.  The sauce was so good I wished I had more to pair with the vegetables.  It was a nice plate.

Macadamia crusted Halibut
Frankie played with the cork


They don’t offer any liquor so with dessert we chose to have a glass of their 20 year old Tawny Port.  It was good.

20 year Tawny Port


Chocolate Mousse is called light and rich, made in the traditional French method.  It was made with a dark chocolate shell filled with dark chocolate mousse and topped with whipped cream.  This is perfect if you want a less sweet, intense chocolate dessert.

Chocolate Mousse
different angle


Marx Bros. Cheesecake is from their own special recipe and called rich and creamy. It was terrific.  Cheesecake has been around too many places but when done right can be outstanding and this was in that category.  Smooth and creamy with a small bit of crust, it was delicious.

Marx Bros. Cheesecake


Frankie posed on the sign out front

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