The White Spot, Anchorage, 7/30/21

109 W. 4th Ave., 907-279-3954

The White Spot is in downtown Anchorage and even though the street out front was closed for repair the place was still packed with customers eating in and picking up to go orders. There are several tables but the best seats are at the counter overlooking the small kitchen show.  They are known for the halibut sandwich but you’ll find lots of house made, fresh options here.  The current owners have had the place five and a half years but it obviously goes way back.  An interim owner was an Italian lady that brought the place to notoriety according to the current owner.  The cook, Frank, was an amazing show to watch as he freshly breaded mushrooms, onion and the famed halibut for the sandwich all while grilling whatever.  The staff were all super friendly and it was such a fun tasty spot to have on our agenda, I recommend you try it when you’re in the area.  They are only open for lunch and breakfast (for which I could find no menu).

kitchen in action
Frankie enjoyed a cold one
art on walls


They do have beer as well as conventional beverages to go with your food.  The Halibut Sandwich is dressed with tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese and served with a choice of fries or coleslaw.  We split a sandwich and chose fries.  The wonderfully fresh soft bun was well sized for the large fish patty inside that was covered with a slice of cheese.  Chopped lettuce and ripe tomato slices all went well with the moist tartar sauce dressing.  The fries were freshly made but only fried once so not too crisp but had lovely potato flavor and went down easily.  It was really good and the place was so nice I’d go back regularly if I lived closer.

Halibut Sandwich with fries


mirror over register
bathroom signs
Frankie liked the sign

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