Chugiak Cafe, Chugiak, AK., 8/1/21

drive through line

Chugiak Cafe is about 20 miles outside of Anchorage and worth the drive.  It started about 7 years ago (by my best information) in what was an old WWII barracks.  After about 3 years owner Trig Bjorklund had to expand to 2 more rooms to accommodate guests.  Then Covid 19 hit and they changed the system to drive-through only.  Tables outdoors are now set up, each set with a box of napkins, utensils and other needs and the front door is open if you want to eat inside.  However there is no staff to clean up after you or take orders, just put your trash in the convenient cans or take your food to another location.  To expedite the process a person is out front to take your order and hand it in to the kitchen who will then give it to the pick-up window.  The system works well and there are beautiful flowers and fun decorations for you to look at as you drive through the line.  Inside is a treasure trove of a lifetime’s memorabilia that is not to be missed.  Particularly the 1910 coffee roaster that roasts their coffee in small batches.  But the best part is the honest, wonderful food.

Drive through

sign on road
decorations on the drive through
top of building
lots of lovely plants
beautiful flowers
sign outside
girl takes your order
additional items
outdoor tables



coffee roaster
Frankie made a friend
Friendly owner Trig Bjorklund and Frankie
Frankie being social



Trigs House Special was reindeer sausage, home potatoes, sautéed onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, scrambled with 3 eggs and topped with their sausage gravy.  The sausage gravy is something they are known for and with good reason, it is terrific.  The scrambled eggs are kept nicely moist and they blend perfectly with the cheese, potatoes and other tasty ingredients.  It looked like a large portion but I couldn’t quit eating – it was that good.

Triggs House Special
Frankie found a peppermill


At the pick-up window they advertized a “Drunkin Oatmeal Raisin” cookie.  They were individually wrapped to keep them nice and crisp.  Lots of raisins and seasonings made them interesting but they were not exactly my taste, but then maybe I was full from the scramble.

Drunkin Oatmeal Raisin cookies
Frankie appreciated the supplies on the table


The Cinnamon Roll is available plain or with roasted pecans.  We chose the latter and it was covered with pecans on top of cream cheese icing.  It was fine and I’m glad I tried it but the scramble was the star here.

Cinnamon roll with roasted pecans
Frankie made friends with a bear

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