Tinder Hearth, Brooksville, ME., 8/27/21


Tinder Hearth is a wood fired bakery of pastry, bread and pizza.  The owners, Tim and Lydia Semmler, started the bakery in 2007 and they added making pizza a few years after that.  They currently make pizza on Tuesday – Friday nights (this will change when the weather gets colder) for take out and outdoor dining but reservations are required for either option.  You need to call (207-326-8381) on the Tuesday morning of the week you want to come and make a reservation – and they go fast.  They also offer salad, ice cream and beverages.  There was a good amount of on-site parking  and then you walk up to the check in booth where you will be assigned a table and given your water, glasses, plates and flatware.   A separate ‘building’ sold the flavored beverages including wine and beer.  The tables are spaced throughout the garden area and there is a good sized sand pile for the little ones to play in.  Hours are from 4:30 to 8:00 and the menu is posted weekly on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


kids play area
main grounds
back garden grounds
back garden grounds

Food and Beverage

We enjoyed a couple draft beers while we waited for our pre-ordered pepperoni pizza.  It was a thin crust pizza with a really puffy edge.  The pepperoni was in larger slices and there was lots of cheese.  The balance of ingredients was right on – it was a delicious pizza.  The red sauce was nicely seasoned and worked well the meat and bread.  There was a bit of char on the edge, as you often find with wood fired, but it did not taste burnt.  The edge had the best chew and it was a really lovely place to sit. A couple buildings under construction were on the property and sounds like one will end of being the owner’s home and another will offer some indoor dining and oven space.  It’s about 3 hours from Portland but worth the drive if you can find them open.

beverage options
soft serve hut
pepperoni pizza
Frankie gave it a sniff

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