Perry’s Lobster Shack, Surry, ME., 8/27/21

service area

Perry’s Lobster Shack is in Surry, ME.   Everything here is outdoors with picnic tables on the grounds and out on a private peer.  Some have umbrellas for sun and others do not.  Parking is across the road. The place overlooks the waterfront and boats will pull up and sell their catch. This place seemed out in nowhere but was really popular.  The server brought a bucket to the table for shells and trash.  The seafood is outstanding, the service is efficient and the view is outstanding.

their pier
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menu 2
to go prices
Frankie played in the trap that housed the condiments and paper towels


1 lb. steamed clams and hot butter came out on a rectangular tray  They had the long tail attached that was tough if you didn’t pull off the exterior.  They were good otherwise.

1 lb. steamed mussels and hot butter


1 lb. crab claws, served cold with cocktail sauce and butter.  The shells here were filled with water so it was a trick not to spray yourself and/ or others when cracking. Inside was delicious sweet crabmeat that tasted amazingly fresh. Great.

1 lb. crab claws with cocktail sauce and butter


Lobster roll served on a fresh bulky roll was a few dollars more than the salad but seemed to have the same amount of lobster meat.  The bun was way too bulky, not toasted  and dry so I ate the meat with butter and a fork. It would have helped to have salt or salted butter which would have enhanced the lobster flavor but it was quite acceptable.

Lobster roll
from the side
Frankie played on some decorations


Perry’s lobster salad with salad greens, vegetables and lobster was served with a packet of salad dressing.   The ordinary greens were mixed with bell peppers, grape tomatoes, croutons and onions, some of which were hot.  It was a good way to get the lobster and it was nice with a bit of Italian dressing.

Perry’s lobster salad


live lobsters
live lobsters
live lobsters
Frankie played on some decorations

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