Twenty Seven, Chef DAT, Dallas, 9/11/21


Twenty Seven is the private event space and catering company that Chef DAT (David Anthony Temple) is now using to host his dinner events.  There are 27 seats  in the same space that also houses the open kitchen and the varying table set ups.  They are using as many local vendors as possible for the meals and you can bring your own wine.  Proof of vaccination is required to attend.  To get on the Dallas dining email list send your information to <> or you can sign up through his website <> and he will notify you of upcoming events here and elsewhere.  This one was a 6 course menu and was $95/person + gratuity.  Chef DAT underground dinners started in 2009 with several years operating out of a home on Swiss Ave.  Being from New Orleans his cooking style shows definite influences from his roots, but he also spent time in Belize (2018) which has provided new seasoning options.  Our latest dinner was nicely intimate and fun, with Chef presenting each dish and its influences and ingredients.

interior toward bathroom
kitchen and helper
Frankie found art
Chef talks with guests
Frankie likes art
table set up
our wines


Lump Crab Dip with candied jalapeno on a tajin tostada topped with green tomatoes started the meal.  Some pickled cabbage and pimento cheese were mixed with the crab on a nicely crisp tostada.  The several bites burst with flavor. All the ingredients blended well into a great combination.

Lump crab dip with candied jalapeno, tajin tostada, green tomatoes
Frankie and the water container


Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke was with mango, avocado, kosho and sesame.  Some crispy onion and a good sauce completed this dish.  Lots of flavors and textures here.

Hawaiian Ahi tuna poke with mango, avocado, kosho, sesame
Frankie passed out at the art in the bathroom


Huitlacoche Quesadilla was with Hatch chili, ranch crema and pickled cilantro. A good tortilla cooked properly was key here and this one was with a nice soft center.   The dish was quite savory.

Huitlacoche quesadilla with Hatch chili, ranch crema, pickled cilantro
Frankie found shells in the sink



The JuHa Ranch rabbit confit with fufu grits, hudut broth and sweet potato was slow cooked for 12 hours. The grits were mixed with plantains, coconut and fish sauce and made a bed to put the rabbit on. On the bottom were sweet potatoes with bacon. Another very savory dish.

Frankie gave it a sniff
JuHa Ranch rabbit confit with fufu grits, hudut broth, sweet potato


Happy Hollow Ranch steak with parsnip puree, black truffle mushrooms and market veggies was the last savory dish.  The beef is grass fed with free roaming on an 1800 acre farm.  It was cooked nicely rare but a bit chewy.  It was topped with the tasty sliced mushrooms and all placed on top of the sweet parsnip puree.  A wedge of tomato with Hawaiian sea salt was served on the side.

Happy Hollow Ranch steak with parsnip puree, black truffle mushrooms, market veggies
turned and closer
turned and closer
fresh tomato


Molten Lava cake with Full City Roosters coffee ice cream and toasted cashews was a re-invention of the 1980’s standard. The cake was really chocolaty and the ice cream had great coffee flavor.  The toasted cashews added the crunch and a bit of salt contrast.  It was gooey in the middle and yummy with the ice cream and nuts.

Molten Lava cake with Full City Roosters coffee ice cream, toasted cashews
Chef DAT and Frankie

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