Rye, Dallas, 9/12/21


Rye opened in McKinney in 2018 and the owners, Tanner Agar, Nic Cain and Executive Chef Taylor Rause, decided to open a second location in Dallas, which happened on August 25, 2021.  The menu stresses small plates to share, filled with dishes prepared from local sources, as much as possible.  They also have a large bar offering lots of cocktails and of course rye.  Next door they have a bar called Apothecary where you can wait for your table in a darker, cozy setting.  Rye is a medium sized long room with small bare wood tables – some paired with benches along the wall, lots of plants, music in the background, mirrors and frames decorate the walls and lowered but fairly bright lighting.  The server told us that the kitchen prefers to have the whole order placed at one time and then the kitchen will portion out the plates so you are not overwhelmed.  The server was helpful in determining just how much to order.  It’s a fun place with an adventurous and flavor filled menu that I look forward to getting back to.

Owner and Creative Director Tanner Agar and Frankie
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bar seating
bar, lots of rye choices


We enjoyed some Rittenhouse rye with our dinner.

Frankie enjoyed a rye Old Fashioned


Our meal stared with several of the smaller plates.

first treats


Icelandic hot dog was made with Rosewood Ranch wagyu beef, Icelandic sweet mustard, remoulade, rugbrød, onion and fried shallot.  The bread is one good sized rectangle topped with the beef and remoulade sauce and fried shallots. The bread was chewy and dense and each bite yielded a small flavor explosion in your mouth. Yummy.

Icelandic hot dog


413 Farms chicken hearts were made with local chicken hearts, buttermilk, spicy Asian glaze and sesame seeds.  They are 2 to an order and go down easy.  The spicy sauce is slightly sweet and the sesame seeds add to the crunch and great flavor.

413 Farms chicken hearts
General Manager Marco Cloete and Frankie


Rabbit ravioli was with milk braised rabbit, house yolk pasta, braised milk ricotta, carrot reduction, rainbow green, carrot chips and herb oil.  It was one good sized ravioli to an order and the pasta was cooked perfectly and presented with a good amount of sauce to add flavor to the tasty filling.

rabbit ravioli


Three French hens was made with brined and fried maitake, frisée, rice noodle basket, caramelized fennel, basil and ponzu.  The rice noodle bowl was fried but it may have needed one more minute in the fryer (wasn’t properly crisp), but the mushroom was perfect.  The combination had a tart tone and was wonderful to look at, but not as good as I hoped it would be but something different than you find on most menus.

Three French Hens
Frankie explored



Roasted local vegetables included rainbow carrots, beets, Swiss chard, burnt miso, chévre, pepitas and spiced honey butter.   The bits of goat cheese and fun miso sauce lended nice accents to the tasty roasted vegetables.  Amazingly all the vegetables were cooked to a lovely texture.  It was a treat to have a great vegetable dish.

Roasted Root vegetables
Frankie looked it over


Scallops were in brown butter, with black garlic, pecan, oleo-sacchrum, balsamic, lime, tapioca pearls, scallop botarga, nasturtium and micro-greens.  The black garlic was sweet and worked well with the balsamic glaze on the tender scallops.  This was an excellent dish.



Release the Quack-en was citrus brined duck, charred leeks, strawberry boshi, pomegranate vinaigrette and pistachio.  The leeks made little columns to support the crisp twill topping that covered the duck breast.  Some fermented strawberry sauce and cracked pistachios added the finishing touches.  The duck was cooked nicely rare and was very tasty.

Release the Quack-en
from the side



Frankie found a plant


Peanut butter jelly thyme was made with créme anglaise, house challah French toast, mixed berry-thyme compote, peanut butter cream cheese mousse, crystalized berries and candied peanuts.  It was a huge dessert.  The challah bread had been nicely moistened in an anglaise sauce.  Peanut butter flavored the mousse and the crystallized berries added more sweetness.  This should have been shared by a table of 4-6 and was overwhelming for 2.  It had fun flavors, lots of textures but not the fine-tuning of flavor that the savory dishes had.

Peanut butter jelly thyme
Frankie looked around

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