Rose and Fern, Traverse City, 10/2/21


Rose and Fern is a small cafe where all food is pre-ordered on their website <> and then you can either pick it up or have it delivered.  There are a couple outdoor tables and chairs but most seemed to take their food elsewhere.  It’s definitely a neighborhood cafe with families gathered outside eating and chatting.  Unfortunately after 3 years they have lost their lease and are hunting for a new location, as they must move by year’s end.  They offer a range of breakfast sandwiches made with quality ingredients and they are good.  They also have coffee, whose beans are roasted in house.  It would be worth tracking down if you’re in the area.   They are super friendly and our sandwich was a great way to start the day.

side of building
glass at front
pick up counter
for sale
coffee roaster
fun sign


The All American sandwich contained Louie’s maple sausage, egg, cheddar and secret sauce on a housemade English muffin. The muffin was tender and stuffed with 3 tasty sausages, moist scrambled egg  and cheese.  The sauce tied it all nicely together.

sausage muffin
from the side
Frankie made a friend

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