Matt’s Bar, Minneapolis, 10/8/21


Matt’s Bar & Grill opened in 1954 as a regular burger bar until founder Matt Bristol created the “Jucy Lucy” from customer requests for 2 patties and 2 slices of cheese in the middle.  Upon eating this option he said, “that’s one juicy Lucy” and the name and legend were born.  Minneapolis now has many imitations but this was the original.  When you enter the smell of frying beef and onions engulfs you.  The burgers are made with fresh beef and filled with molten hot cheese.  They even warn you about a spurt when you get the burger.  They offer a regular burger but from the look of the grill the Jucy Lucy is the thing to get.  Fries are by full or half order.  It is cash or local check only and there are no reservations.  Parking is on the street and expect a line.  While you wait you can look around at the memorabilia and pictures on the walls.  Besides a full bar they have a number of tap beers.


check out
interior – looking toward entrance
cook area
burgers cooking
closer burgers


Eating and Looking Around

We started with an old school favorite beer, PBR and then tried a Grain Belt Premium tap beer.  Both were good and cold. Service was efficient and we enjoyed some while looking around the dark room.

Frankie and the PBR
table signs – beers
table signs – menu
Grain belt draft and Frankie


The Jucy Lucy comes to the table wrapped in paper and inside you’ll find the 2 patties melded around the cheese, well seared on a soft bun with tiny chopped onions and pickles.   One bite of mine made the cheese squirt out the back but my husband was luckier and his stayed intact.  No matter, you could dip your burger in the cheese and allow it to cool quicker.  The patties are all well cooked so there’s little juice in the meat.  The moisture is from the cheese and onion.   I thought it had good flavor but the dryness bothered my husband.

Jucy Lucy


We split a full order of fries, even though the server suggested a half would be enough.  They were a small cut fry and stayed crisp till the bottom of the basket.  Ketchup is on the table and the order came with 2 little paper cups for you to put your ketchup into.  They didn’t really need anything, they were fine as is.

full order fries
Frankie pointed out the table condiments

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  1. Yes, the fries were the best part but had to try the Jucy cause I’d heard about from friends for years. Thanks for your comment! Happy holidays and good eating!

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