First Chinese B-B-Q, Dallas, 10/28/21


First Chinese BBQ has been around a long time but somehow never got a visit from Frankie. I’m sorry cause this is a gem of a place located in the corner of a strip shopping center in Richardson.  There is an adequate parking lot out front and also one behind the building.  As you enter through the double set of doors you’ll see the hanging chickens and roasted ducks on your right as well as various cuts of beef and BBQ pork.  On busy days you’ll hear the chef out there hacking up the meats to serve to the tables or use in take out orders.  The menu is large and filled with many tasty Cantonese options, meant to be served family style.   I particularly like their noodle dishes and fresh greens.  Inside there are booths along both walls of the dining rooms and bigger tables as well a few smaller ones in the middle.  At the table you’ll find various condiments but the food is well seasoned.  The staff speak limited but usable English, lighting is bright, no music is in the background and they only take cash for payment.

Frankie shared the restaurant information
meat station by front door
table conditments
menu cover
menu one
menu 2


Crispy noodles with roast pork is a mound of their crispy noodles topped with slices of their house roasted pork, pieces of bok choy and mushrooms all sitting on gravy.  When you first start eating the noodles give a wonderful crunch to the dish and as it sits there a while the noodles start to soften and meld with the tasty gravy.   This basic dish has many options for toppings but the plate is a winner however you get it.  I love their delicious and tender roast pork and this is like getting it with 2 different dishes.  Thumbs up.

Frankie gave it a sniff
Crispy noodles with roast pork


Beef Flat Noodles are wide noodles mixed with bean sprouts, scallions, onions and excellent slices of smokey seared beef.  The flavor of the dish is marvelous and it works into the whole dish.  The various ingredients give you some textural interest as you savor mouthful after mouthful.  One of my favorites at this place.  The noodles are silky and lovely and the beef is amazing.

Beef flat noodles
little closer
zodiac placemat and Frankie


The noodle dishes give you only a small amount of vegetable so I like to order a green on the side.  Asking what they had today the server said it was ’empty heart’ or water spinach.  I like it simply sauteed with garlic.  It is a generous plateful of perfectly cooked fresh greens.  A little like spinach with some pea flavor – hard to describe but it’s good.  The green they have has varied when I’ve been there but they’re all good.  Greens are served with rice.

rice bowl
Frankie napped afterwards

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  1. The food is delicious. I love the water spinach. So tasty. I could make a meal of it. It is all delicious. Definitely worth many visits. Thanks, Helen.

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