Beckley 1115 , Dallas, 10/30/21


Beckley 1115, a wine bar and casual restaurant, opened in early October this year by longtime chef Sharon Van Meter.  Van Meter currently also works with an event space at Trinity Groves and previously served as chef at Neiman Marcus downtown and later as executive chef.  Her inspiration here was to create something welcoming, casual and affordable and I think she has done just that.  There are lots of tables outside, an adjacent parking lot and a nice bar inside as well as tables.  Frankie and I caught up with a friend there and they were happy to have us sit and visit for several hours and kept the coffee coming during a Saturday brunch.  They also offer dinner and lunch and I took pictures of the menus for you.  I look forward to going back and trying more of her dishes and visiting with all the friendly service people.


some outside seating
Frankie got lost in a decoration



brunch menu
dinner menu
lunch menu
Frankie pointed out the happy hour



We visited on Saturday and so a brunch menu was in effect but you can tell this is a place that values flavor.  Becca’s Coffee Cake was in the shape of muffins and was a brandy pumpkin flavor served with whipped cinnamon butter.  Served warm they were tender and moist and filled with flavor.  The tops had a lovely crispiness that added texture to the cake.  The fun cinnamon butter was good with them but then what isn’t better with butter.  However these were fine without too.  They were really good.

Frankie enjoys coffee
Becca’s Coffee Cake with whipped cinnamon butter
another angle
Frankie found flowers and some fun tile


ABC Caramelized Squash Toast was topped with whipped ricotta.  You could add an egg but we opted for without.  A chewy crusty bread served as a base which was spread with a layer of smooth sweet squash then the ricotta which was topped with flower petals and various crunchies.  You got a fork and knife but this could easily be held in the hand and eaten like pizza.  The flavors were lovely.

ABC Carmelized squash toast with whipped ricotta
little closer
Frankie gave it a once over


24 Hour Cookbook French Apple Cake was served with a killer caramel sauce.  A fluting of butter icing was topped with a pear macaron.  The cake was moist and dense but the caramel was the star.  It had been lightly seasoned with rosemary which didn’t overwhelm but really added to the depth of its flavor.  I’m not always a big fan of macarons but this one was very nice with sweet, fresh pear flavor in a nice chewy meringue like cookie.  Yummy.

24 Hour Cookbook French Apple Cake with caramel sauce
Chef Sharon Van Meter offered some coffee to Frankie

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