Victory Sandwich Bar, Atlanta, 11/9/21


Victory Sandwich Bar was located near Inman Park and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.  It offered a large covered porch, inside seating and a backyard patio filled with picnic tables, each having a dog bowl at the end.  Music from inside blended into the outside.  Inside was booth seating, high top tables and a long bar where you place your order.  You are given a number after you pay and then they bring it to your table.  The sandwiches are small but only cost $5 each.  They have a full bar but are known for their Whiskey Coke Slushie, made with Jack Daniel’s and Coke, which come in 2 sizes.  You get those when you finish placing your order so you can work on it while your sandwich is made.  They are just like the frozen drinks from convenience stores but these have that whiskey twist.  It’s a fun drink but you still have to be careful to avoid a ‘brain freeze or cold headache’.  It’s a  pretty place to sit and prices are reasonable but the food didn’t wow me.


front porch looking in
front porch
Frankie looked around
pet water bowls
building from porch


Food and Drink

The Jack and Coke slushie was tasty and not terribly alcoholic.

Frankie enjoyed the slushee


All sandwiches are served with nice thick salt and pepper potato chips and the sandwiches are pressed.  The Little Havana sandwich is made with smoked pork, ham, pickle, fontina and yellow mustard.  The pork was on the dry side and you could really taste the mustard.  The bread was softer than on the other sandwich.

The Little Havana sandwich
Frankie looked at the sandwich


Mile High Club is made with chicken, ham, bacon, fontina, avocado and honey dijon.  It was not high but on a crisp bun.  The bacon was good and the other ingredients were nicely flavored with a good balance.  I couldn’t pick one sandwich over the other but the chips were good and the slushie was fun.

Mile High Club sandwich

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