Little’s Food Store, Atlanta, 11/9/21


Little’s Food Store is in the Cabbagetown section of Atlanta and has a grill as well as a small shop for basics.  Right now they are not offering inside dining but there is an open lot next to it that is set with 8 picnic tables.   Located on a really narrow steet, it is a neighborhood staple and when they thought about shutting down due to the costs to fix their kitchen the neighborhood fundraised the money needed.  They also have a 15 year old cat that sits outside and when it needed vet care the community once again rallied.  It opened in 2010 and been serving burgers and selling grocery essentials since that time.  Development in the neighborhood and surrounding areas have brought in more restaurant customers than shoppers and so their shelves have less fresh produce and their hours have them open later and longer.  Their menu has burgers, dogs and sandwiches as well as sides but they do offer breakfast sandwiches.  The place is funky and food was well made using quality ingredients.  Parking is as you can find it.

Frankie filled in for their cat



rules of the house
counter to entrance
Frankie approved of the ‘slow down for animals’ signs
art of their cat
menu 1
menu 2
Frankie posed on the old Coke machine


Outside and Food

Grumpy cat in the window


We both got the Double Slider Basket which was one double stacked cheeseburger slider served with fries or slaw.  The double stack is 4 oz of fresh store ground prime cut beef and served Little’s style with grilled onions, dill pickles and yellow mustard on a Martin’s potato roll.  The fries are hand cut.  One of us chose fries over the vegan sweet n’ spicy slaw.  The grilled onion and really soft bun are keys to the success of this tasty treat. The meat was slightly pink in the middle with a crisp edge.  It was delicious. The fries were not totally crisp but really tasty.

Double slider and fries

One of us substituted the hand cut and breaded onion rings for fries and ketchup for mustard.  They were quite good but the coating did not adhere well to the onion making them a bit hard to eat.  If I go again I might try the slaw but I don’t think you can go wrong with this “Little” slider.

double slider and onion rings
inside of slider with ketchup
from the side
onion rings problems
Frankie and the tin man



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