Pappy’s Smokehouse, St. Louis, 11/18/21


Pappy’s Smokehouse opened in 2008 serving Memphis style BBQ that is cooked daily.  They slow smoke their meats for up to 24 hours over sweet apple or cherry wood and offer 4 sauce varieties to add to your meat.  It is really popular with ribs being their main claim to fame as they were named the best ribs in America by the Food Network.  It is a large place with a dedicated tent outside for take out pick up.  You enter in the side of building as the front of the building is lined with smokers and that door shares an entrance with another restaurant.  There is a small parking lot and otherwise it’s street availability.  There was a line down the hall as we entered that mostly ignored the mask mandate posted on the door.  Many in line were regulars and also there were other first timers, like us.  When you finally get to the front of the line there is a small desk where you make your order and pay for it and then you are led to a table.  They seemed to be slowing the entry because there were a number of empty tables.  The number at your tables signals a service person to bring you your food.  A drink area is available for non-alcoholic beverages.  Lots of photos are on the walls and the small room beyond the drink area is a shop full of merchandise to take with you.

another door
smokers outside line one wall of the building
waiting line
shirts designs
Frankie visited
Frankie pointed out all the sauces
Owner John Matthews being interviewed by USA Today
Frankie found the sauces for sale


The half slab of ribs came with two sides and you could add 1/4 pound of another meat for just $5 so we added some burnt ends.  They offer most of the usual sides and we picked baked beans and vinegar slaw.  The slightly smokey ribs were cooked to a juicy tenderness but needed some sauce to give them flavor.  The sauces range from sweet to mildly spicy.  None were perfect but a combination of hot and sweet helped for me.  Burnt ends were more like shredded brisket meat and didn’t have many “burnt ends.”  The beans were sweet and nicely cooked.  I really liked mixing my burnt ends with them.  They came with a piece of bread which mostly was good for blotting up excess grease.

1/2 slab of ribs, cole slaw and beans
burnt ends with bread
Frankie rode the Weinermobile

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  1. I found Pappy’s really overrated, overhyped. Always happier at Roper’s, or especially Big Mama’s across the river since I do love my snoots.

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