Blue’s Egg, Milwaukee, 12/2/21


Blues Egg is where the EGG stands for Everyone’s Good Graces.  Opening in 2010 it serves breakfast and lunch with the same attention to dishes that go into fine dining.  They offer standards and a few daily specials.  Known for their fresh hashbrowns that are cooked in butter and offered stuffed with various ingredients.  It’s a large place that can serve 4,000 eggs, 400 pounds of bacon and 700 pounds of hash browns in a busy week.  Inside there is a long bar with stools and a mix of high top and regular height tables.  Music is in the background and a good sized parking lot offers free parking out front. They have a full bar and friendly efficient service.

beverage menu
food menu
Frankie pointed out the condiments


Pulled ham omelette contained frisée, onion, saxony alpine cheese with toast and hashbrowns.  It was well stuffed but the ham migrated pretty much to one end.  Not sure I liked the frisée inside but otherwise it was a good omelette.  The hashbrowns were excellent.  You could really enjoy the taste of the fresh potatoes and the perfect crunchy exterior provided by the butter frying.  I could eat those every day.

Pulled ham omelette and hashbrowns
Frankie enjoyed the cold jug of water


Migas Scramble was made with three eggs, crispy tortillas, pulled ham, aged cheddar cheese, avocado and sour cream alongside hashbrowns and toast.  It was a daily special.  The server recommended stuffing the hashbrowns ($2 upcharge) and I chose the roasted mushroom browns.  A choice of toast was also offered and I took sour dough.  It was a large portion of food with the migas nicely mixing in the excellent pulled ham and nicely corny chips and generous cheese.  The toppings were sour cream and sliced avocado.    It only needed a little hot sauce to make it great.  The toast unfortunately was dry and no butter was on the table.  It was a dud.  The hashbrowns were excellent but sadly the tasty mushroom stuffing also included a topping of creamy leeks and herb crème fraîche that spoiled the nice crispy exterior.

Migas Scramble
imside roasted mushroom stuffed hashbrowns
Frankie likes a little milk in her coffee


They do offer a number of pastries if you need dessert but we passed.

pastries to go
Frankie found a fun poster

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