Blue Heaven, Key West, 1/29/22


Blue Heaven is a well known destination in Key West serving breakfast, lunch and dinner – all al fresco.  The very casual spot does not take reservations but has a good sized bar across the street with chairs, tables, music stage and ping-pong table.  Roosters roam through the tables and lots of funky decorations give the place lots of character.  We got there pretty early and still had to wait 45 minutes – a fairly accurate estimate by the greeter –  but it was pleasant across the street and the drinks were actually a $1 cheaper.  They had a stage like the main dining area does but it was not active.  There is a window into the bakery that you could look into going to the bathrooms and also one to the gift shop.  An assortment of umbrellas and canopies help to provide shade in the dining area.  Some canned music was in the background before the band got started.

Bar area

bar menu
Bloody Mary and Screwdriver
bar waiting
bar waiting
stage in bar area


Main Dining Area

entering eating area
eating area
eating area
out side shower?
lots of people waiting


menu cover
Frankie explored the table condiments
Frankie pointed out the famous table designer


Richard’s Very Good Pancakes are served with butter and Wisconsin maple syrup.  They were available with lots of toppings but I really wanted to try a plain one.  It was not too thick or thin but nicely tender with good flavor.  There was a packet of butter on the plate and a side cup of wonderful maple syrup.  It was good.

plain pancake and syrup


The “BLT” Benny was a bacon, lobster and tomato egg benedict served on English muffins topped with lime Hollandaise.  It was 2 halves topped with poached eggs and a generous amount of lobster all covered with Hollandaise.  Slices of crisp bacon were on the plate and a couple pieces of fruit.  It was very tasty and the best Key West lobster I had.

BLT Benedict


Shrimp Omelette was made with Vermont white cheddar and served with fresh bakery bread that turned out to be banana bread.  It had some spinach in with the big shrimp but there was not enough cheese or shrimp for me.  It was good but bland.

Shrimp Omelette
Frankie checked on our progress


Key Lime Pie lived up to its reputation of ‘mile-high’ meringue topping.  The lemon custard was a bit thick for my tastes and the meringue was not light but sticky.  It was easily edible but does not get a recommendation from me.

Key lime pie
from the top


Going to the Bathroom

gift shop
Frankie posed

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