Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 3/27/22

exterior – 4422 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75246

Cry Wolf is a great place, and unfortunately too many people know that now.  We had to book a couple weeks ahead to find a reservation we were in town with.  Everytime I go I think I won’t post it cause it’s already on this site, but the food is so good I just can’t resist sharing the photos with you.  Another wonderful part of this place is the changing wine list, which introduces me to things I haven’t had that go with food well.  The ambiance is great and there’s a parking lot at the end of the shopping center.  Without further ado, I present photos of our latest fabulous meal (sweetbreads and escargot were amazing).

Chef Ross Demers in the kitchen


Burgundy Escargot and creamy French lentils


Veal Sweetbreads, Maitake mushrooms, tarragon caper butter


Shaved white asparagus and fennel, parmesan, black pepper, dill


Black Bass, baby turnip, sorrel, stinging nettle, mustard butter


Wagyu Coulotte, braised beef belly, French Navy Beans, smooth guajillo


finishing candy


Frankie just noticed the sign outside

3 thoughts on “Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 3/27/22

    1. I will try and add that. Good suggestion! If there’s more info you need on any particular place let me know. I think Covid shut down the business card industry.

    2. I’ve gone through and added an address below the first photo (the exterior shot) for all the scheduled posts and will try and continue that for new write ups! Cry Wolf is at 4422 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75246. You should try it and tell them Frankie and Helen sent you!

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