The Roast Grill Hot Weiners, Raleigh, 3/29/22

exterior – 7 S West St, Raleigh, NC 27603

The Roast Grill Hot Weiners has been serving hot dogs since 1940.  The tiny family-run spot serves only weiners and some Greek desserts along with a number of beer and soft drink options.  It is cash only.  Owner George Poniros and his wife Kathy are glad to be back in business after being shut down for over a year due to the Covid pandemic.   George’s grandparents started the place and there are pictures on the wall of them above the vintage register.  His 90 year old mother worked there until Covid hit and now she stays home.  The wall opposite the 10 seat counter has pictures of contest winners and regular patrons.  The weiners are grilled on the original grill and then topped with a chile made from a 100-year old recipe.  Wife Kathy makes the desserts.  Customers are family here and George knows how they want their weiners served.  It was a stop back in time to feel so welcome in a place and also be served some terrific food.  You can tell the pride the Poniros family has in the place and I urge you to visit if you get the chance.


whole building
signs and restaurant’s portion of the building
grill area
closer grill
place’s 2nd cash register
Co-owner and dessert cook Kathy Poniros and Frankie
male eating contest winner
female eating contest winner
George Poniros’s family photos
old photo of the place
bumper sticker
Frankie enjoyed a beer



Weiners are served with chili, slaw, mustard and onions.  You can designate how grilled/blistered you want your all beef weiner.  The slaw is made without mayo and the onions are chopped in house.   The mustard is Sauers brand and the buns are the freshest and softest I’ve ever had.  It was a truly amazing hot dog, full of wonderful flavor and great textures.  The balance of ingredients was first rate.  It was not hard to eat 2 and I probably could have eated 3.  One customer told me he regularly orders 5.

chilie dogs
Frankie wanted one


The baklava was nicely moist with tons of sticky layers.

wrapped baklava
unwrapped baklava
from the side
Frankie got a Tootsie Roll


The almond pound cake was also good but the baklava was my favorite.

almond cake
Co-Owner and cook George Poniros with Frankie

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