King’s Sandwich Shop, Durham, 3/30/22

exterior – 701 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701

King’s Sandwich Shop is a family-run business that is an icon in Durham, symbolizing the simplicity of days gone by.  The original shop opened shortly after WWII, but closed in 2007 needing major rehabilitation.  It was bought by the McDermott family in 2009 and re-opened in 2010.  The corner building has limited parking out front but street parking is available.  They serve burgers, hot dogs, lots of other sandwiches,  breakfast, vegetarian hot dogs and fries along with milkshakes at at walk up counter with another window to pick up your food.  They have picnic tables and bathrooms around the side to eat at if you want to stay on site.  Many seemed to take the food to-go.  It is only open for lunch.  The place was a real throw-back and this time the food was good too.  The shake was amazing. A fun stop on your tour of the area.

street sign
order window
old sign




A Double King burger is hand pressed double patties served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and King’s sauce, all served on a toasty bun.  You can add cheese for $1.  King’s sauce is mayo based with a couple of secret ingredients.  The patties were thicker than I expected and they didn’t double the cheese.  Still it was cooked nicely and had good beef burger flavor.  We got fries too and they were the krinkle cut variety.  They were not as crispy as some but were fine for something to go with the burger.

double burger with fries
closer burger
closer fries
inside burger


Shakes are hand scooped and the girl who took our order suggested the Oreo was the best.  She was right.  It was thick and rich and filled with chunks of oreo cookies.  The only problem was they didn’t give you a spoon or a thicker diameter straw so it was hard to drink/eat until it melted a little.  It alone was worth the trip.

oreo shake
another view
Frankie approved

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