Bettina, Santa Barbara, 6/27/22

exterior – 1014 Coast Village Road, Santa Barbara, CA

Bettina is in a neighborhood shopping center which is too popular for the parking available.  It’s a good-sized place with a large outdoor patio for additional seating.  Windows inside look out onto it as well as the parking lot. They specialize in naturally leavened breads, fine dining and simple dishes based on the owner’s visits to Italy.  Open daily for lunch and dinner, reservations are helpful if you want a table, but a bar is inside with first come-first served seating.  Inside the bare wood tables are small and nicely spaced and music is in the background.  The service was helpful and efficient and the pizza was good.


ovens / cooking area
cake and cookies
Frankie and the bottle of water



We tried their Venetian Spritz which contained prosecco, soda and orange without the usual Aperol.  It was nicely refreshing and not too alcoholic.

Frankie and a spritz


The Pepperoni pizza had mozzarella, crushed tomato, basil, chili oil and Ojai wildflower honey.  It was loaded with tasty slices of pepperoni.  The crust was very thin except on the edge where it formed a lovely doughy perimeter.  The chili oil gave it a slight spiciness and the honey a touch of sweetness.  It was a great combination.  The server thought you could eat your own pie but we found it a perfect amount for two.

pepperoni pizza
different angle
one slice
Frankie sniffed

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