Sea Pal Cove, Fort Bragg, CA., 7/7/22

from the parking lot – 32390 N Harbor Drive, Fort Bragg, CA, 95437

Sea Pal Cove is on a local fishing pier in Noyo Harbor with all outdoor seating.  The assortment of tables overlooks boats going by.  The small walk-up window has beer and wine to go with your choices as well as non-alcoholic options.  Dogs are welcome and the service was very efficient.  They are known for their really fresh seafood but also have other options.  We tried the fish and chips but what was extra fun were their prawns and chips.  The fish was very moist with a really crisp coating that wasn’t so thick that it smothered the delicate fish.  Not too greasy either.  It was perfect with the tasty tartar sauce they supplied.  The prawns were dynamite.  Sweet and juicy with that fantastic coating, they needed no dipping or seasoning.  The tray also provided lemon and malt vinegar.  The fries were uninspired but adequate.  Some crisp ones and all with nice potato flavor, but they were a frozen slab variety.  Ketchup packets were also on the tray.  All in all a fantastic find that I’ll certainly go back to.

order place
looking in
for sale
fish and prawns, fries, sauces
closer fish and chips
inside fish
closer prawns
inside prawn
tartar sauce
Frankie posed with the tray return

11 thoughts on “Sea Pal Cove, Fort Bragg, CA., 7/7/22

  1. The lawns sound great. And you were wise to avoid the fried candy bars at a seafood place. I made that mistake once in Ireland, and the candy bar tasted like fish.

    1. Well that does sound awful! Reminds me of some bacon we got from a butcher in Wisconsin and I complained his bacon tasted like fish. Turned out the pigs were fed with fish! For such mild tasting creatures they carry a lot of flavor to spread around.

  2. The SeaPal has been consistently very good.
    Unlike some ‘other ‘ eateries that get popular and then change their modus operandi.
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  3. Love this place! I lived almost 30 years in Fort Bragg -now out of the area but Sea Pal was a wonderful place to go down in the harbor! thanks for the wonderful write-up, they are worth it 👌

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