Arnie’s Cafe, Warrenton, OR., 7/31/22

entrance – 269 S. Main, Warrenton, OR., 97146

Arnie’s Cafe is really popular and they don’t even have a webpage.  They have been a part of the Warrenton community for decades and recently owners Crystal and Michael Green (took over in Sept 2014) decided they needed more space and moved to their current location.  It started out as The Sea Breeze and in the late 50s became the Donut Hole and subsequently the Ponderosa.  At the front of the current location is a coffee grinder, that belonged to Mike’s grandmother,  whose wheel has become the logo with Arnie’s written across it. In the move, they brought over lots of kitschy signs that line the walls.  At the hostess station, they have a list for seating.  A coffee bar is at the front end but didn’t seem to get much use yet.  Their plans include a liquor license and expanding their baked goods selection. There were about 7 stools in front of the kitchen window that was in the back of the place.  They have a good-sized parking lot out front and windows looking out to it and the lovely hanging plant baskets,  all along one side. They serve lunch and breakfast with large portions and friendly service.


sign on building
window to the kitchen
coffee counter
old coffee mill that was part of the logo
window sign
Frankie enjoyed the fun signs
coffee posters
Frankie and the table amenities
breakfast menu
lunch menu



The Club Sandwich was made with layers of pit ham, turkey breast, crisp bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on toasted sourdough bread.  Inside the tasty bread were layers of good ingredients.  Smokey bacon, quality cheese and moist ham and turkey slices.  Even the tomato had flavor.  It came with crispy coated fries.  It was a fine club sandwich.

Club Sandwich
side view
Frankie and some coffee
interesting non-dairy creamer that includes milk


Arnie’s Country Omelette was stuffed with sausage, mushrooms, onions, home fries and Tillamook cheddar cheese and covered with rich country gravy and served with a freshly baked biscuit.  The omelette was indeed stuffed with sausage and the gravy on top also had some.  Inside the mushrooms had wonderful flavor as did the potato chunks.  The cheese on top melted into the creamy gravy for a rich blending of flavors and textures.  Two thumbs up here.  The biscuit had been split and toasted on the insides, served with a ball of butter.   It was again on the heavy side for my taste in biscuits but maybe that’s how they like them in Oregon.  The flavor was fine but who had room with all that yummy omelette?

Arnie’s Country Omelette
freshly baked biscuit
Frankie shared a fun sign

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