The Park Inn (third visit), Hammondsport, NY, 9/24/22

exterior – 37 Shether St., Hammondsport, NY, 14840

The last of the 3 nights we were there may have been the best meal yet.  The menu had slightly changed from the previous 2 nights.  We were excited to have our server Ethan from the first night again.  He made the meal so relaxed and enjoyable.  It really is a fun place with good food and the surrounding area has lots to explore.  I hope you’ll visit and let me know what you think.


by the glass
wine front
wine back



Roasted beet and carrot salad came with pepper-crusted goat cheese, toasted walnut, Glenn Scott Farm (GSF) greens, and a beet vinaigrette.   A wonderful salad, the goat cheese was light and mixed well with the other ingredients and the pepper coating added a bit of zing to the plate.  The tender roast beets were mixed with carrots and walnuts.  A good blend of flavors and textures.

Roasted beet and carrot salad
Wonderful server Ethan and Frankie


Grilled beef filet mignon came with GSF Swiss chard, Delicata squash, Duchess potato, Bordelaise, and red wine scallion butter.   The beef was cooked just as ordered, a nice rare.  The compound butter on the steak gave it the richness it needed, especially combined with the Bordelaise.  It was a treat to find an entree paired with Delicata squash – it is a favorite – and this was cooked nicely.   The potatoes were good but didn’t cross into great but overall this plate was a real winner.

Grilled beef filet mignon
Frankie wanted to help


Chocolate ganache tart was dotted with sea salt and served with vanilla ice cream and candied orange peel.  The buttery crust was filled with rich chocolate that was nicely accented with salt crystals.  The ice cream perfectly finished out the plate.  The orange peels were a very tasty rendition.

chocolate ganache tart
side view


Apple cider doughnut holes came with apple compote and cider caramel and I just had to had them one more time.  Such sweet goodness on a plate.  The apple compote was even better than the first nights was and there was plenty of caramel to dip the doughnuts in.  Yum x2.

apple cider doughnut holes
Frankie studied them

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