Crooked Lake Ice Cream Company, Hammondsport, NY, 9/23 &24/22

exterior – 35 Shether St., Hammondsport, NY, 14840

Crooked Lake Ice Cream Company is a restaurant that pays tribute to Glenn Curtiss, a bicycle racer and aircraft developer.  A number of their dishes are named for him, striving to evoke the same creativity as his inventions,  and the walls are filled with mementos of his fame and success.  The restaurant has been in Hammondsport over 30 years and is open every day except Tuesday.  They have a long counter with stools as well as tables in two rooms, separated by a low wall and a few stools facing the windows to the street.  They had a makeover about 5 years ago but at least they kept lots of their older decorations however, the place feels new and fresh.  Service was very friendly and helpful and once your order is placed it came out quickly.  They do get a crowd and you pay at the front where people are also getting coffee/muffins to go, so there can be some wait there.  The food was fresh, with quality ingredients and good flavors.  Next trip, though, I’ll have to try their ice cream.


counter stools
Frankie looked over the place
wall sign
Frankie pointed out the table ammenities
old photos



We tried a muffin one day.  It was called French toast flavor.  It did have a good amount of cinnamon in the moist tasty interior.  The top was nicely crisp and it was plenty for 2 to share.

French toast muffin
Frankie’s legs were too short to peddle


Glenn’s Favorite Omelette contains onion jam, peppers, breakfast sausage, and cheddar cheese.  It is served with a choice of toast and we picked white.  The toast was really good and the omelette was well stuffed.  The sausage was cut into rectangular pieces which was different and the onion jam was terrific.

Glenn’s Favorite Omelette


Pullman French Toast came as a stack of 3 or 2 and I opted for 2 but added on a side of bacon and pure NY maple syrup.  It was delicious.  Nice moist bread was well browned and seasoned.  Along with butter and maple syrup, this plate was a winner if you wanted a sweet breakfast.  The bacon was thin, crisp, and flavorful.

Pullman French toast and maple syrup with a side of bacon
Frankie rode the bike on the wall


The Fastest Man on Earth is a house specialty and contains fried homefries with diced corn beef, ham, and bacon topped with melted Cheddar cheese and 2 eggs any style.  I asked for over-easy eggs and that they be served on the side rather than on top so they wouldn’t overcook before I could mix them in.  It worked well so that the eggs stayed runny for mixing in.  It was a ton of meats but they were all good and blended nicely with the browned potato chunks.  The white toast again was lovely.

Fastest Man on Earth with eggs on the side
meat and potatoes
mixed with eggs


The Crooked Lake breakfast sandwich contains egg, bacon, American cheese and onion jam.  This was on a soft, fresh bun and a delicious sandwich.  A lighter plate but the onion jam is such a winner, it makes anything better.  The tasty crisp bacon added texture for another fine offering.

Crooked Lake breakfast sandwich
Frankie found another bike to try

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