Don Chabe Steak, Dallas, 12/9/22

building – 3933 Main St., Dallas, TX  75226

Don Chabe opened in August of 2022 in the location that formerly had Mac’s Bar-B-Que.   It’s primarily a Mexican steakhouse but they also have breakfast items and salads.  Fronted by Oscar Rodriguez, the owners also have street taco and sandwich spots and thus some of that is also available.  There are plenty of tables and a dedicated parking lot and the bones of the place still scream Mac’s but they’ve painted the ceiling with fun designs and installed bright tiles around the baseboard.  The lights are bright and music is in the background as well as a large TV screen on one wall that was muted when we were there.  They were not crowded but our server said they have not put out much advertising as they are still working out the menu.  English was not the first language of our server but we were able to get by.  They do now have beer($4) and take credit cards.

Set up

looking toward kitchen
tile for baseboard
Frankie chose beer



The server started us off with chips and queso, and limes for our beers, not salsa.  The chips were thick and crisp and the queso had a good consistency and flavor.

chips and queso, lime for beer


We wanted to try their steaks and chose the ribeye which comes with 2 sides. French fries and baked potatoes were not available but the server suggested rice and beans so we took that to go with our creamed spinach.  The sides come in a long tray of bowls which each included a hot sauce, the red being milder than the green but both packing a good punch.  The beans were black beans and fairly soupy and delicious.  The creamed spinach was a huge portion and well seasoned.  The rice came with kernels of corn mixed in and was also fine.  The steaks were cooked a perfect rare, as ordered.  They were served on boards which was a fun effect but the board was too small and there was no way to catch the juices that ran onto the table.  Other than that, they were great.  A weight for the meat was never specified but it was a good sized one – I’d guess 14 ounce or a pound each.  I look forward to going back and trying some of their breakfast options but if I’m in the mood for a good deal on a nice piece of grilled beef, I’ll be back here.

Frankie found the name on the steak board handle

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