Chez Nous (second visit), Charleston, 2/9/23


We were excited to return to Chez Nous but slightly dismayed to not see Chef Jill Mathias in the kitchen.  This visit we got to sit downstairs and enjoy the jazz music that plays in the background.  There is a second fireplace at the base of the stairs to the upper level and the tables are just as small down here.  There are also a few stools at the bar counter in front of some of the wines.  The decorations in the place are from a local antique store that one of the owners is also involved in.  Also found out that the doors to the bathrooms are original to the house.  The setup was the same as before, with 2 choices for each of the 3 courses and that really befuddled the neighboring table that wanted French onion soup or any soup (they eventually left).  We however were happy with the choices but this trip wanted the same things and split the dessert as we knew a heavy dinner was on the schedule.  The food didn’t dazzle me as much as the first visit but I would still plan to visit this place every chance I get because the food is that good and the concept is very refreshing to me.

Set Up

stairs to the upper level
table set up
service area
kitchen shot
Frankie enjoyed the old art
wine front
wine back



Pear salad had thin slices of pear mixed with Bibb lettuce, toasted hazelnuts and shaved parmesan.  The pears were Asian, green and Anjou varieties and the dressing was a mustard shallot vinaigrette.  It was delicious and loaded with tasty pears.  It was crisp and fresh with tons of texture and flavor.

pear salad
table bread


The main course was duck breast with mushrooms and potatoes.  The potatoes were the little yellow fingerlings and tender as can be.  The tasty duck had been cooked a wonderful medium rare with the fat almost completely rendered under the crispy skin.  An assortment of mushrooms completed the plate with its thick well-reduced red wine sauce.  The baguette pieces on the table again came to good use to usher the last bits of the plate to my waiting mouth.  Excellent plate.

duck breast, mushrooms and potatoes
opened up
more bread


The Paris-brest was a moist tender pastry filled with almond cream and dusted with powdered sugar.  I could have eaten the whole thing but it was really plenty for 2 to share.  The cool cream was not overly sweet but just a perfect ending to the fine meal.

from the side


To finish my husband had a double espresso and I had a double Noisette which had the addition of a bit of milk to the coffee.  Our lovely server, who didn’t want to be pictured, nicely brought extra milk as the tiny cup didn’t give her much room to splash any into the coffee.

Frankie had a double Noisette

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  1. That duck looks delicious! So does the bread, and the salad, and the Paris-brest. I’mactually headed to Charleston but deeply committed to bbq this trip. Next time!

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