FIG (update), Charleston, 2/9/23

exterior – 232 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

FIG opened in 2003 and this was our third visit, the last being in March 2017.  More plants are growing on the sign over the front door but you still enter into the bar area and then proceed to the big dining room.  The lights were lowered, white cloths covered the large tables, the ceiling dark, floors wood, and walls red with no music in the background.  We were privileged to be seated in one of the two red booths in back with really comfy seats.  The place was still very popular with tables being turned regularly even on a Thurs. night.  We were very happy to get to chat with Chef Jason Stanhope who was recovering from ankle surgery, but stopped by the table at the end of the meal as I requested getting an updated photo of him.  The place is named for “Food Is Good” rather than the fruit and it is well-named indeed.  When you have the chance I suggest you dine at this fine restaurant.


Frankie found flowers on the table
dessert menu
wine front
wine back



Broiled Single Lady’s Oysters were lightly broiled and topped with smoked pimentón butter.  They were a little greasy, due to the butter, but it was worth it for the wonderful flavor.   They were a medium to large size oysters from South Carolina and came 4 to an order.  You mostly tasted the delicious smoked Spanish paprika butter and garlic but that was fine.  These were delightful and not spicy.

Broiled Single Lady’s Oysters


Chicken Liver Pâté was served with pickles, dijon and brioche.  The pâté was wonderfully smooth and great combined with the pickled items and mustard.  The mustard had to be used judiciously or it overshadowed the flavor of the liver as did the cornichons.  But the other pickled items worked marvelously.  The brioche was over-toasted for me, being too crumbly and almost burnt on the edge, but truthfully I’d rather just eat a forkful of the pâté with an accompaniment and not dilute it with bread.

Chicken Liver Pâté, pickles, dijon, brioche
Chicken Liver Pâté, pickles, dijon


Beef Tartare was plated with potato maxim and parsley.  Potatoes maxim is made with peeled and thinly sliced potatoes cooked in clarified butter and then arranged overlapping one another.  This was a beautiful example of the technique and tasty too.  The lovely tartare was well-complimented by this delicious side dish.

Beef tartare
potatoes from the side
potato detail


Bouillabaisse was made with white shrimp, Carolina gold brown rice, piquillo and topped with a long crouton.   An excellent broth was filled with tons of perfectly cooked shrimp and pieces of swordfish.  The lovely flavors here were well paired with the crispy crouton seasoned with a bit of spice and garlic.  This was a fabulous dish.



Roasted Snowy Grouper was topped with fino sherry sauce and pine nuts alongside sweet potato and Siberian kale.  The perfectly cooked grouper was well suited for the mild sauce and was lovely with the ultra-smooth and slightly sweet potatoes.  The pinenuts and raisins topping the fish were great accents.  The kale was cooked nicely and retained a good bit of texture.

Snowy grouper


Lime Cream Puffs were made with choux au craquelin, a simple cookie-like dough with a pinch of salt.   They came 3 to an order and were filled with smooth lime cream.  These were not too sweet but had great flavors and fun textures.

Frankie and the desserts
lime cream puffs

Sticky Sorghum Pudding was alongside amaretto ice cream on walnuts.  This was a lovely moist pudding cake covered with sticky sweet sorghum sauce.  Add some smooth, sweet and cool ice cream and you’ve got a winner.  This was a sweet fix and I loved it.

Sticky pudding


Chef Jason Stanhope and Frankie

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