Hall’s Chophouse, Greenville, SC., 3/11/23

back entrance – 550 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601

Hall’s Chophouse was started by the Hall family in 2009 in Charleston.  They now have 5 locations in this area of the country with Nashville set as the next to open.  They bill themselves as serving the finest steaks money can buy, offering an extensive wine list and serving hearty family-style sides all with great service.  The Greenville location is located in the refurbished part of downtown overlooking the water feature.  Parking is on the street as well as in several city-owned parking garages.  It was a fairly large place with huge windows taking in the view with an equally huge bar available for drinking and dining.  At lunch, they had some different menu options but the entire dinner menu is available too.  Be advised that portions are large.  The nice sized tables were cloth covered but I found the service to be a bit overdone bordering on intrusive and pushy.  We were there for a relaxed visit with a longtime friend and the constant picking up of plates we were using to replace them with larger ones, changing out flatware after plates were served and the pushing of extra orders did not endear their service to me.


entry/bar area
menu cover
menu 2
menu 3
dessert menu
Frankie found flowers on the table



House bread and butter was a nice sliced baguette and softened butter.  It was good.

bread and butter


Onion Rings or straws were on the dinner menu.  I am smitten with onion strings and wanted to try their straws.  The server strongly suggested we have the rings instead which we did.  They came with a mayo-based sauce.  They were heavily breaded, some with the breading not completely cooked in the frying process.  If I had to guess, I’d say they were pre-frozen rather than housemade.   The onion was moderately sweet but they were a disappointment.

onion rings
Frankie found flowers in the bathroom


One thing they have at lunch and not dinner is sandwiches.  The Chophouse prime rib sandwich was filled with shaved prime rib, mushrooms, onions, and Swiss with creamy horseradish, fries and au jus.   Served on a brioche bun, that felt more like ciabatta bread, it was more a fork and knife meal than a sandwich for the hands.  There was a ton of thin sliced well done meat inside with caramelized onion and melted cheese.  It was better with a bit of the jus which brought out the flavor but the bouncy server that brought mine out had spilled much of it under the fries.  Didn’t matter as they were mostly limp and obviously frozen fries topped with herbs, truffles and parm.  There was also a dish of creamy horseradish sauce on the plate but it way overpowered the sandwich.  Even tossing out the top half of the bun and the fries I couldn’t make my way through the entire sandwich.

Chophouse prime rib sandwich
side view


Pepper Jack creamed corn skillet was pushed on us by the server as one of their signature dishes.  “She couldn’t think of eating there and not having it on the table.” We got it and they tried to serve it for us which I refused, so I ended up with a less than pretty photo of it.  It was heavy.  Creamed corn with cheese topped with butter breadcrumbs was tasty but not as special as they thought it was.  It actually was priced more than the lunch sandwich and fries.  I thought it was a poor recommendation as we already had the breaded onions and a sandwich on order, but this is not a place to think about healthy eating.

Pepper Jack creamed corn skillet
Frankie posed on a photo


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