Coat Check Coffee, Indianapolis, 4/20/23

building – 401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Coat Check Coffee is open daily in the historic Athenaeum building.    They offer pastries and bialy sandwiches in addition to coffee beverages.  There are tables in the lobby next to the counter as well as by the first-floor entrance.  They are located in what was the coat check area of the old theater.  It is a small counter but they are fairly quick.  We tried one of their sandwiches and some of their pastries.  It was mostly a younger crowd but with a variety of seating options.  I also saw groups with their computers possibly having a meeting at the one large table.  It is run by the Small Victories hospitality group that operates several other coffee shops in the area.  If you are nearby, stop by for a coffee and an almond croissant.


about the building
order area
pastry display



The sausage bialy was made with Becker Farms sausage, an egg souffle, American cheese and jalapeño jelly.  It came on a wonderful soft roll with a thick slice of tasty sausage.  The cheese was nicely melted and the egg layer moist.  The jelly gives it a little sweetness and only a bit of spiciness.  It was very good.

sausage bialy


The almond croissant was buttery and filled with tasty almond paste while being topped with toasted slivered almonds.  Nothing new here, just a standard well done.

almond croissant


The cinnamon croissant was crisp and coated with tasty cinnamon sugar.  The buttery croissant was plain inside, all the cinnamon was on the exterior, but it stuck well and blended wonderfully.  It was a couple of dollars cheaper than the almond one and would give the almond one a ‘run for its money’ but it is messy.  So good though……

cinnamon croissant


The blueberry muffin was packed with blueberries in a moist vanilla cake.  The topping tasted like crispy corn flakes.  The crisp topping made a fun twist on the usual but the blueberries didn’t have a ton of flavor.  It was good but the croissants were better.

blueberry muffin
out of the paper
another angle
Frankie looked around the room

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