The DeBruce (breakfast), Livingston Manor, 6/2 &3/23

dining room – 982 Debruce Rd, Livingston Manor, NY

When you stay at the DeBruce breakfast is included the next morning.  The sun-filled dining room opened at 9:00am and the menu changed slightly the 2 days we were there.  We tried some of the same things and new items the second day.  The menu says you are allowed to pick two items per person but I did hear some people customizing there order.  This may have worked as the place was not full or maybe they are flexible.  It never hurts to ask.  Also included was coffee, tea, orange juice and apple juice.  The service was not nearly as good in the morning as in the evening.  For example, I asked for a coffee refill and the server complied but never offered my husband any.  The service was also slower and that was probably due to fewer people working in the kitchen.  The food was more mixed at breakfast and it sometimes made me wish they offered a simple omelet.   But all that said, it satisfied and readied me for the day ahead.


great room, where you could wait
another room
menu 1
menu 2



Juice and coffee.  Both the apple and orange juice were good.  The server came around to refill if you wanted, but be careful because she might pour the wrong juice in your glass.

Frankie with the beverages


Beef fat hash browns with garlic, paprika, and chives were on the menu both days and we got them both days.  The outside was totally crisp with gooey potatoes inside.  They were fun texturally but the kitchen went overboard with the squirt bottle decorations.  The red didn’t add any spiciness so not sure why they were so covered up.  The chopped scallions were a good addition.

side view


The Buttermilk pancake with maple syrup on the side, was topped with a small amount of wild berries preserves and the smallest chunk of butter.  This was the biggest pancake you’ve ever seen.  It was the size of one layer of a layer cake and it was quite cakey on the inside.  They did give you plenty of syrup but it was overwhelming.  A downside of the fruit topping was the colorization it added to the cake below – it was not attractive and the flavor added was minimal.  I would have just served more butter and syrup.  The exterior looked burned but I didn’t detect a burned flavor.

Buttermilk pancake
side view


Duck hash with potatoes and hot sauce was topped with an over-easy egg.  The egg was more cooked than I’d like and that could be in part due to being placed on top of a bowl of hot potato chunks.  The duck was in large shreds and mixed with the crisped potatoes.  This red squirt bottle did add a little kick to the flavor and that blended well with the dish.

Duck hash
another view


French toast was topped with egg, comte and ham.  Again the problem of putting an egg on top of warm food continues the cooking process but this egg had already been cooked thoroughly on the underside.  The last of the runny yolk added a nice flavor to the wonderful brioche underneath.  We also got this one twice and the second day it didn’t have as much syrup below but it had enough.  The ham and cheese were tasty but this would have been fine with just the toast, egg and syrup.  It was very good any way you mixed it.

French toast
side view
French toast (second day)
from the side


The breakfast sandwich was made with bacon, egg and cheese on a nice bun.  It was only offered one of the days and was basically fine.  The lettuce felt unnecessary.

breakfast sandwich


Avocado Toast was made with smoked trout and herbs.  The nicely toasted piece of bread was topped with some housemade smoked trout and then topped with a half avocado that was pre-sliced and dotted with salt.  The trout was really good and blended nicely with the ripe avocado.  It was another tasty option.

avocado toast
taken apart


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