Geronimo (update), Santa Fe, 9/15/23

entrance – 724 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

We last ate at Geronimo in 2019 and as usual, had a fine meal in this 1756 adobe home built by Geronimo Lopez.  The menu doesn’t change much here but you can expect an elegant atmosphere, lowered lighting, music in the background, art on the walls, white tableclothes, valet parking and friendly professional service.  Everytime I visit I seem to get the foie gras and Elk steak so tonight I went off script and ordered differently as did my husband.  It ended up nice but not as satisfying as my usual order.  Either way, it’s still a very fine meal and one I’d recommend if you can get there.


Frankie shared the restaurant details
dessert menu



They welcomed us with a glass of sparkling Gruet blanc de noir,  made in a New Mexico winery.  It was cool and refreshing.

welcome sparkler


Bread service was rustic sourdough slices, green chili brioche and Mediterranean lavash with unsalted butter topped with a rosemary leaf.  The thin crispy lavash had a bit of chile and the sourdough had been lightly toasted.  The brioche was soft.

bread and butter


Burrata Cheese Salad had roasted red beets, baby greens and heirloom tomatoes covered with basil pesto and was dressed with iced wine vinegar.  I was surprised that the tomatoes were cherry tomatoes and that they were actually a minor component.  It was mostly beets which were good.  The burrata was creamy and overall it was a pleasant mix.

Burrata Cheese Salad


The Bitter Greens and Smoked Duck Salad contained baby red onions, Roquefort cheese, candied hazelnuts and maple-whole grain mustard vinaigrette.  The duck was not as smokey as expected, it was more like duck ham. The onions were slightly hot but the nuts were excellent.  It was lightly dressed.

Bitter Greens and Smoked Duck Salad


We split a side of frites with the salads and the small-cut fries were good but not that crispy.  They did have good potato flavor.



New Mexico Four Corners grilled rack of lamb also came with fresh pea puree, parmesan-yellow corn polenta, roasted leeks and a Merlot-lamb reduction.  The two chops on the plate had 5 rib bones between them.  The raw peas were delicious as were the sauteed leeks.  The polenta was in a solid rectangle and well-browned on the outside.  It was a good plate.

New Mexico Four Corners grilled rack of lamb


The Roasted Pork Shank came with house-made cavatelli pasta, bacon, Cipollini onions, broccolini, tomato concasse and black peppered cream and pork demi.  The pork shank was huge so it could have used more of the delicious sauce to go with it.  There were not many cavatelli mostly just a ton of tasty meat. The broccolini were mostly stem pieces and tough.  This would have made a great leftover if I lived there.

Roasted Pork Shank
Frankie thought it was a huge portion


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