Glorietta, Jackson, WY., 9/9/20

old entrance (now go through the side door)

Glorietta is an Italian Trattoria with a focus on housemade pasta and wood-fired cooking.  Located in the Anvil Hotel they offer both indoor and patio seating.  Inside the medium room the tables have a lot of space between them, which is good for slowing the spread of virus but leaves the room feeling empty.  The focal point of the room is the large bar with the kitchen and wood burning fire behind it and another seating bar in front of it.  They finally seated someone at the front bar but without much overhang it looked pretty uncomfortable.  The floor is tiled, the ceiling is painted wood and bench seating is on many walls to match up with chairs on the other side of the good sized tables.  The bare wood tables are set with a large cloth napkin and lighting is lowered, but there are a number of windows in the room so that is only an issue after the sun sets.  Service was friendly but rushed.  We wanted to try a number of things and I specifically asked that it not be served on top of the last one but it was.  In fact the main plates came out before all the appetizer plates were cleared.  I realized with limited seating they want to turn the tables quickly but in these times we must find a way to make the experience pleasurable for the diner and profitable for the restaurant.

cocktail menu
wine 1
wine 2
Frankie checked out the bench seat


We started with several primi courses.  The Grilled artichoke was served with green goddess dressing, chili salt and lemon.  It was 2 halves of a medium sized artichoke that were well grilled with good smoky flavor.  It was a starter that was easy to split and not at all filling.  A bit messy with the charred nature of the leaves.  It was good but not the ‘most meaty’ artichoke I’ve had – it had a very small heart.  The sauce or lemon were nice accompaniments, the salt too much – mostly I liked the leaves plain.

Grilled artichoke
green goddess dressing
chili salt
wine front
wine back


The Grilled Bone Marrow was topped with peppadew jam, pickled shallots and micro herbs. There were 3 long cut bones with varying amounts of marrow and 3 pieces of grilled toast to eat with the marrow.  The marrow was cooked perfectly and excellent with the toppings.  Spread on the bread and it was exquisite and rich.  The topping totally enhanced the flavor of the dish.  I would go back just to get this dish again.

Bone Marrow
Frankie warmed by the candle


Arancini were served in pomodoro sauce and topped with parmesan and parsley.  There were 5 of the fried rice balls in a really tasty fresh tomato sauce.  The balls were fried to a light crisp with a soft gooey interior.  They were tasty.

Frankie leaned on the water bottle


The Ricotta Cavatelli was mixed with spicy sausage, brown butter and fried sage.  There were a lot of sausage chunks in the dish, which gave it a mild spiciness.  The pasta was obviously house made as some pieces were a little mutant shaped.  Unfortunately they were also gummy.  This was the least successful of the dishes we tried.

Ricotta Cavatelli
Frankie played with a cork


Truffle Honey Chicken was a half chicken served with roasted turnips, calabrian chili, pancetta and green onion.  The chicken was on a huge pile of well cooked turnip pieces mixed with lots of pancetta pieces.  They worked well together.   The chicken had a nice glaze to the skin but the white meat was dry.  The dark meat fared better with the cooking process and it was too bad you could’t pick if you wanted one or the other.  There was little of the thin sauce with the dish and more might have helped.  You couldn’t really taste the truffle but the honey flavor was definitely there.

Truffle Honey Chicken
Frankie found their card


Sauteed Bitter Greens were mixed with garlic, chili flakes and lemon.  The greens were collard greens and they still had lots of chew in the leaves.  It was a nice sized portion and did have real spice to the dish – you could see the chili flakes.

Sauteed Bitter Greens


Dessert was an oral menu and we chose not to partake of any.

Frankie took it all in

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