Lucia at Macellaio (re-visit), Dallas, 11/21/20

We visited and wrote this one up just a couple weeks ago but were fortunate to get back and try again.  In Dallas we finally have the perfect weather to eat outside and the Lucia folks do such a nice job of distancing and masking that it feels almost like a bit of normal in what has been a crazy restaurant blogging year.   Tasting menus are not for all but I sincerely urge all to give this one a chance, especially because during pre-Covid times you could hardly get a reservation to Lucia.  This is the opportunity to eat the fabulous Lucia food only on the patio of their sister restaurant Macellaio.  The menu really changes weekly as you’ll see below but the portions are generous and tasty.  I even enjoyed the wine pairings.  Frankie slept through the meal but urges her followers to check this one out.


wine list


We started with individual rolls that were totally yummy.   Crisp on the outside, doughy on the inside and really rich with flavor and texture.  You didn’t need the butter but it was fun to make them ultra rich.



First was Smoked mussels with brown butter sabayon.  The tender mussels were out of the shell and in a lovely broth topped with rich, thick sabyon sauce.  It was divine.

Smoked mussels with brown butter sabayon


Tonarelli with greens and breadcrumbs was a roll of al dente pasta topped with a mix of spinach, kale, arugula and basil and further topped with delicious, buttery totally crisp bread crumbs.  A wonderful mix of textures and tastes made this one a real winner.

Tonarelli with greens and breadcrumbs


Potato and mascarpone ravioli were topped with shaved white truffles.  The tender ravioli were stuffed with light creamy mashed potatoes combined with mascarpone.  They were lovely alone in the sauce.  The white truffles added a mild truffle flavor.  I would have preferred them to be shaved at the table to enhance the nose but it is always fun to add them to a buttery dish.

Potato and mascarpone ravioli with white truffles


Strozzapreti was mixed with chicken and chanterelles.  The chicken was ground and the chanterelles diced into tiny matching pieces.  I ate it more like a soup.  It was a bowl of comfort food, unlike any my mother ever made.  Excellent flavor and texture..

Strozzapreti with chicken and chanterelles


Dessert was Lemon curd tart topped with fennel pollen, meringue and yuzu marmalade.  The delicate crust had lots of layers and was filled with tasty lemon curd.  The meringue was sweet and perfectly browned.  I’m not sure I’m a fan of yuzu marmalade as it was fairly strongly flavored and a bit bitter.  For some that would cut the sweetness nicely, for me I want a total in-you-face sweet fix.. The solution here was to only eat small amount of the marmalade with the perfect lemon custard.

Lemon curd tart, fennel pollen, meringue and yuzu marmalade

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