Bastion, Nashville, 4/16/21


Bastion is a little different during Covid.  They are a 24 seat restaurant with dining Wed through Sat and a special small bar for restaurant guests however that is currently not open so dining is in the well spaced big bar and there is no chef counter.  I suspect that the set up will change as Covid becomes more under control.  Either way it is a comfortable place to sit and eat tasty food while listening to actual records being played.  Chef Josh Habiger serves a selection of seasonal, creative dishes in a casual atmosphere.  The ‘big bar’ area has a long bar counter and some tables, all well spaced.  Exposed duct work, brick walls, hanging lights and lots of art make it a visually interesting place to be.  The staff all worked together to give a fun and interactional dinner. We chose to have their wine pairings with the tasting.

sign on door notes changes
outdoor wood fire
smaller bar
Frankie studied the records


A set of 4 bites start the tasting.

first bites

A Kusshi oyster with green garlic and buttermilk was nice, tart and briny.

Kusshi Oyster, green garlic, buttermilk

Puffed Beef Tendon with Royal Red shrimp and Thai basil had lots of basil flavor with the tendon ceviche being thin and crisp.

Pulled beef tendon, Royal Red shrimp, Thai basil

Whipped sheep’s milk cheese with sunflower seeds and flowers were in a small crust with a creamy inside and crisp exterior.  It was good and left a nice aftertaste.

Whipped Sheep’s milk cheese, sunflower seed, flowers

Chicken liver, huckleberry and brown butter was whipped liver topped with crispy crumbs.  It was almost like a foie gras bite and very good.

Chicken liver, huckleberry, brown butter
Frankie and the hand sanitizer


White asparagus and smoked tofu were piled in thin sticks topped with paddlefish roe.  The asparagus was almost raw and very crunchy whereas the tofu was quite smokey and dominated the flavor profile.  The tofu was cheese-like and I loved the creamy smoke flavor.  It was all good mixed with the pop filled roe.  It was very good but not a blow you away dish.

White asparagus, smoked tofu, Paddlefish roe
Frankie wants to learn to cross her fingers


Giving Thanks Farm duck was mixed with caramelized onion and shiitake.  The thin sliced duck was tender and slightly rare presented in an amazing broth.  The creamy caramelized onion was below whereas the crispy mushroom bits were mixed throughout.  This was a yummy one.  Believe me, I drained that bowl.

Giving Thanks Farm duck, caramelized onion, shiitake
Frankie and some counter flowers


Seaweed, snails and lemon balm were with a cavatelli-like pasta all topped with crispy breadcrumbs.  A creamy sauce bound it all together.  The crumbs gave it nice texture to mix with the enjoyable chewy snails.  This was a really fun, tasty and good dish.

Seaweed snails, lemon basil
Frankie noted some details


Steamed halibut, celery root and dill was served with a toasted slice of bread with butter.  The tender fish was happily moist and contrastingly topped with crispy quinoa and dill.  Mashed celery root on the side was smooth and blended well with the fish.  All very tasty – a good course.

Steamed halibut, celery root, dill
Frankie found another flower


Bear Creek Farm beef tri-tip, potato and ramp was the last savory course.  The beef was nicely medium rare and tender with really good smokey flavor.  It had extra richness when dipped in the ramp butter that was on the plate.  The potato was a crisp rectangle that was almost like a tater tot, as its interior was grated potatoes.  It was topped with a sauce and some herbs.  I loved it and it was the perfect accompaniment for the beef.

Bear Creek farm beef tri-tip, potato, ramps
cutlery holder
Frankie found a place to nap


Dessert was 2 items served at the same time.  Banana cream pie was topped with summer truffle and served with green peanut ice cream.  It had a good crust and I liked both parts but not sure they were better together than eaten separately.  The second part was cucumber, and kelp ices with chocolate shavings.  It was refreshing, light and an interesting combination of flavors and textures.

Desserts: Cucumber, chocolate, kelp / Banana, green peanut, summer truffle
Banana, green peanut, summer
Cucumber, chocolate, kelp


The staff sends you home with a miso and snickerdoodle cookie.  It was sweet with a desirable crispy exterior.

Frankie and the take home gift of miso and snickerdoodle
miso and snickerdoodle
side view
Chef Josh Habiger and Frankie

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