Colony Kitchen/ Noisy Goose Cafe, Palmer, AK., 7/30/21


The Colony Kitchen started in 1985 in downtown Palmer as the Frontier Café and moved to the present location in 1989 and became the Colony Kitchen but is more often referred to as the Noisy Goose Cafe.  The name is representative of the casual and conversational nature of the guests and staff.  Portions of the home-style cuisine are large and service is efficient.  The food is well prepared but on the bland side for me but nevertheless, even with Covid the place was incredibly busy.  Large groups, couples and families from all walks of life found it the place to go.  The walls are covered with stuffed birds, antlers, photos of animals and signs.  Several wooden bears are also placed around as well as a stuffed real bear and faint music is in the background.  Many windows add to the light level inside.  Outside there is a wrap around deck and a combination of booths and tables fill the inside. A scrambler option was offered as a daily special.


sign on road
Frankie posed on the “moose”
for sale
pie display
article about
Frankie looked out the window



menu cover
menu 1
menu 2
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Frankie pointed out the table condiments


Corn Fritters are served with delicious softened honey butter.  There were 8 balls in the order with corn kernels protruding from the fried exterior.  They were  doughy on the inside but cooked through with a crispy exterior.   The butter was soft and I couldn’t decide if you dipped in it or spread it on the ball.  They were tasty enough but pretty heavy.

Corn Fritters and softened honey butter
Frankie checked out the fritters


The Chicken Fried Steak is a Goose Specialty and is a cube steak hand dipped in their special breading and topped with sausage gravy.   It is served with 2 eggs, potatoes, and a choice of toast, pancakes or French toast.  I chose over-easy for the eggs, hash browns for the potato and pancakes.  My husband tried the biscuits instead of pancakes or toast.  It was an excellent chicken fried steak with a tender tasty inside and good crisp outside and a nice balance of the two.  The sausage cream gravy was thick and full of bits of sausage.  With a little added pepper I liked it a lot.  The over-easy eggs were cooked perfectly with a glazed top but totally runny inside.  The hashbrowns had a good crisp but it made the plate huge.  The pancakes were medium thick and came with a good amount of butter but an average syrup.  Good flavor but not special. The biscuits were on the tough side and didn’t have any flakiness.

chicken fried steak, hashbrowns, egg over easy
Frankie made friends with the little bear

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