Pentagoet Inn & Wine Bar, Castine, ME., 8/26/21

exterior of Inn

The Baron Pub and Wine Bar is in the Pentagoet Inn in Castine, Maine.   The place dates back to the 1800’s and is an old house with lots of rooms set up with tables.  On the wraparound porch are more tables.  Lots of art is on the walls as well as memorabilia, rugs are on the old wood floors, music is playing softly in the background, lighting is lowered and lots of windows let in light and/or view.   Fans were running because it was warm outside and there is no air conditioning.  It’s full of character and the food is good, although portions are on the small side.  The really friendly staff are helpful and friendly.


dining room
dining room
dining room
bar area
Frankie found lots of decorations


Food and Beverage

menu cover
drinks 1
drinks 2
wine list 1
wine list 2
wine front
wine back


We started with Oysters on the Half-Shell with Prosecco mignonette.  They were small and briny with a terrific mignonette. Some needed a touch of loosening from the shell but the grit was well washed out.  They were quite good.

Oysters on the half shell with prosecco mignonette
Frankie looked for leftovers


Maine Crabcakes with crispy prosciutto and mustard aioli were 2 to an order.  The cakes were more crab than breading and well browned on the exterior. They were sweet and tasty and worked well with the wonderful mustard aioli.  The prosciutto was an extra crispy piece on top of the cakes that was fun to eat by itself. Very good.

Miane crabcakes with crispy prosciutto and mustard aioli
Frankie wanted to show the inside


Lobster and Linguine is with fresh picked lobster, arugula, and capers in a lemon Beurre Blanc.  We split the first two plates but had our own here.  The plate held lots of chunks of tasty lobster and capers.  It was lightly sauced and very good with perfectly cooked pasta.   Our server was helpful here in that the portions are not huge and best to get 2 of these.   It was lovely.

Lobster and linguine
Helpful server Mary Grace and Frankie


Maine blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream was our dessert.  These were the yummy tiny wild blueberries that are perfect with vanilla ice cream. The crispy topping was sweet and good with the berries.  We ordered a bourbon to go with it and that was an excellent choice, if I say so myself.   A fitting end to a nice meal in a picturesque place.

a double bourbon
Maine blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream
from the top
Frankie enjoyed some cool water

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