P.S. Steak, Minneapolis, 10/9/21


P.S. Steak opened in 2019, an elegant steakhouse to add to the Minneapolis meat options.  Located in a classic building the dining room is dark with lots of brown leather in the roomy booths (now separated by plexiglass too) and dark walls decorated with mirrors and prints.  One wall has the refrigerated cases housing the aging meats, all prime cuts or better.  As you enter to your side is the large modern looking bar where customers can eat as well as drink.  The dining room is further down the hall with a much more clubby feel, with no music in the background.  The menu is mostly steaks but a number of potato choices are there as well as vegetables and seafood.  The one area it fell very short was in our server who really got up on the wrong side of the bed.  She poured the wine with no tasting, repeatedly asked about ordering appetizers, chastised us for ordering too many desserts.  It was surreal, as every other person who attended our table was friendly and pleasant.  I tried to not let it spoil a fun evening.


Frankie looked around
meat storage
masks were called for

Food and Drink

drinks 2


We did order a number of sides to go with our respective steaks and a loaf of their Garlic and Herb Pullapart Bread, which the server heavily suggested she bring out first.  It was very good and warm with a nice soft texture.  It was a small loaf that was lightly salted on top.

Garlic and Herb Pullapart Bread


The 8 oz. Beef Tenderloin was a prime angus cut from Black Mountain, IL. With it we ordered caramelized onion enhancement.  It was seasoned perfectly and delicious.

8 oz. Beef Tenderloin


The New York Strip was a 16 oz prime angus cut also from Snake River Farms, ID (not Black Mountain as on the menu). It was cooked just as ordered and had a good depth of flavor to the juicy meat.

New York Strip


The Dry-Aged Bone-in Ribeye was a 32 oz prime angus cut from Black Mountain, IL., which came sliced but presented with the bone.  It had a good sear on the properly cooked meat.

Dry-Aged Bone-in Ribeye


The Butcher’s Cut that evening was a Kagoshima 6 oz. strip of A5 Wagyu.  It was cooked as directed and came sliced and salted.  It was well marbled beef butter but it should have had some of the huge fat cap trimmed.

Kagoshima 6 oz. strip of A5 Wagyu
Frankie noticed their name on the knife


Fries were served with a curry Bearnaise and Masala ketchup for dipping.  They were a light, small cut perfectly cooked fry.  Crisp, not greasy and delicious.  They were good with sauce and without.



Broccolini were seasoned with romesco, pinenuts and an anchovy-lemon vinaigrette.  They were tender and well cooked.   A good addition.



The real star was the Hashbrowns served with butter and chives.  They were made from Russet potatoes and cooked in a 3:1 ratio of clarified butter and beef fat until well crisped and browned.  Inside they are creamy shreds of potatoes.  They don’t look too impressive but believe me they were.  A scoop of deliciousness landed on your plate with each serving.



dessert menu
dessert drink menu
Frankie enjoyed an after dinner drink


For dessert we tried the Dulce de Leches Bread Pudding with Angostura whipped cream and whiskey cinnamon raisins.  It was okay.  The sauce was good but the cake seemed gooey and over-seasoned.  I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Dulce de leche bread pudding


The Ice Cream Sundae was served with hot fudge and peanuts.  The ice cream was smooth and topped with peanuts and then a very good hot, thick hot fudge.  It was tasty.

Ice Cream sundae


Baked Alaska was a salted caramel ice cream and coffee sponge cake doused with Green Chartreuse and set on fire at the table.  It was finally finished with a hand-torch so the peaks would have that nice brown.  It was a good show of a well done classic.

baked Alaska
pouring on Green Chartreuse
finishing with torch
Baked Alaska
Frankie napped

3 thoughts on “P.S. Steak, Minneapolis, 10/9/21

  1. Too many desserts? Seriously….wow

    I’m curious, what’s with the $38.00 Old Fashioned? Ouch

    Steaks look great and those hash browns sounds delicious

    1. Yes, there is no thing as too many desserts for a table – you don’t have to finish them all! Must be some of the liquors in that Old Fashioned that drove up the price – not for me. The steaks varied but I’d go back for the hashbrowns. Yummy!

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