Al’s Breakfast, Minneapolis, 10/10/21


Al’s Breakfast started in 1950 and has 14 seats at a counter.  They are in the Dinkytown neighborhood and don’t except credit cards.   They don’t have a freezer, microwave or deep fryer because they think meals taste best prepared without them and they don’t have room.  We found the line outside when we arrived and it moved fairly well.  As customers leave someone comes out and invites the number inside that they can now serve.  If your whole party is not there when you reach the door you will be move to the back of the line.  It’s all done in a very pleasant way.  Open everyday, they close at 1:00pm.  It is reported to be the most narrow restaurant in Minneapolis with a width of 10 feet.  It is built in a former alleyway.  Prior to Covid they let waiters line up inside behind stools when it was cold, now only vaccinated are allowed inside.  The food is worth the wait and hassle.  Behind the counter are boxes of yellow cards which are meals already paid for.


outside drawing
menu code
sign out front
cash only
seating counter
little model
cooking station
menu 1
menu 2
menu 3
menu 4



We were lucky to get stools right next to the grill so I saw many plates coming out.  I snapped a few extra photos of them for your interest.  We had coffee which was in real cups and refilled often.

Frankie posed with condiments
blueberry pancake
another dish


A buttermilk pancake filled a good sized plate and came with a pat of butter melting on top.  You order the maple syrup on the side in 2 sizes.  A half size was plenty for this delicious pancake.  It was neither thick or thin, just right and very tasty.  Good flavor and texture here.

1 buttermilk pancake
Frankie likes maple syrup (half portion)


Huevos ala Mexicana were gringo style scrambled eggs with onions, green peppers and banana peppers.  With it we ordered a side of Homemade Salsa which was “a bit spicy and a lot tasty”, some hashbrowns and white toast.  This scramble was made with 3 eggs and the eggs stayed moist.  The peppers were pre-cooked and scattered on top rather than being scrambled inside.  The salsa was good with it but not spicy.  The hasbrowns blended  in well and the toast was an upgrade from Mrs. Bairds.  Very good.

Huevos ala Mexicana


The José was hash-browns topped with homemade salsa, 2 poached eggs and finally cheddar cheese then served with a choice of toast.  It was huge.  the poached eggs managed to stay fairly runny even under all the cheese but it did spoil some of the crispness of the hashbrowns.  However it all melded together into a wonderfully tasty breakfast plate.  I had rye toast with it and it was nicely buttered but just okay in flavor and really unnecessary with all the food on this plate.

The José
Frankie looked it over

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