Boludo Nicollet, Minneapolis, 10/9/21

street window

Buludo Nicollet is a small storefront off a street with only a to-go order/pick-up area.  They offer Argentinian dishes that Chef Facundo DeFraia learned from his grandmother.  The local newspaper food critic named him the “dough wisperer” and indeed he is.  They now have 2 locations since opening in 2018, there were a couple of outdoor tables for eating here whereas the downtown location has indoor seating.   They offer fresh made pizzas and empanadas as well as a couple salads and desserts.  It took about 20 minutes to make our order and it all came out at once.  It is well worth visiting for pizza and especially empanadas.

order counter
our order


The De La Casa salad had greens, candied pecans, fruit and gorgonzola with a balsamic vinegar dressing on the side.  The ingredients were good here but the problem was tossing the salad.  The bowl was quite full and there was no room to toss it on an outdoor table.  The cheese and nuts were nicely flavored and the fruit was dried.  It would have been good.

De La Casa salad


Empanadas all come with a buttery and flakey crusts with a variety of fillings.  Interestingly each had a slightly different fold to the crust.  We tried Espinaca (spinach, fresno peppers, reggianito cheese), Humita (corn, fresno & serrano peppers, fontina) and Pollo (chicken, peppers, oregano).  All were wonderful and if asked my favorite, it’d be which ever I was eating at the moment.  None were spicy hot but all were well flavored.  They came with a container of dipping sauce that was well stocked with herbs.  They were good with or without.  Delicious.



The Pepperoni Pizza had fresh mozzarella and a San Marzano sauce on diamond shaped crust.  The pepperonis curled into little cups and the tomato sauce was on the sweet side.  The wonderful crust had a chewy, puffy edge that was delicious.  The center of the crust was thin and sagged under the weight of the toppings.  Nevertheless it was very good too.

pepperoni pizza
little closer
Frankie looked over the remains

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