Lazy Betty, Atlanta, 11/10/21

Lazy Betty delivers a world-class menu prepared by Chefs Ron Hsu and Aaron Phillips.  Chef Hsu formally was with Le Bernardin as the Executive Sous Chef and then Creative Director, but ultimately is the product of a family all about food, particularly his mother Betty.  He and Phillips opened Lazy Betty in October of 2019, offering only a tasting menu. The interior is designed to relax the diner, to feel lazy and comfortable.  It is a fairly large space beginning with a good sized porch area attached to the larger dining area by an open kitchen with bar stools and tables across for it.  If you are able to go try and get one of the counter seats where you can interact with the staff and watch your meal being made.  Lowered lighting, music and lots of liquor choices all add to the experience.  There is ample parking out front and they offer only a 6 or 8 course tasting menu with optional wine pairings.  The 2 tastings have some different dishes as well as a few overlaps.  This place comes with my highest recommendation to give it a try.

Frankie shared the restaurant details
beverage link
lots of kitchen action


We chose the 8 course menu and ordered our own wines.  While you settle in and make choices they pour you a glass of champagne – such a nice touch.

wine front
wine back


An amuse bouche included 3 things –  smoked ricotta tart/ a rice tarragon chip with tuna / a duck cigar.  The tart was seasoned with basil and lime which combined into a rich and tasty bite.  The chip offered a blast of flavor with delicious tuna tartar.  The duck was flavored with curry seasonings in a ultra thin crust and a really great bite.  (The rocks were not edible).

amuse bouche
smoked ricotta tart
a rice tarragon chip with tuna tartar
duck cigar

Next was a house-made hot biscuit with tart cherry butter.  Here’s where something very ordinary moves to the next level.  It was fantastic – buttery and totally yummy.  It was great with the cherry butter and also just by itself.  Yum x2.

Fun server and bartender Will Simpson and Frankie


The first course of the tasting was the only one with a possible upcharge – if you wanted to add caviar to it and there were 3 different options.  My understanding was that it was developed to eat with caviar so we added the Siberian Caviar to the Tuna “roll”, seasoned with chive creme fraiche and citrus vierge.   It was tuna carpaccio rolled around a crispy  shell and filled with the creme then topped with chive, Meyer lemon jam and caviar.  The creme blended perfectly with the tender tuna and then the citrus and caviar seal the deal.  It was just lovely and a taste treat.

Tuna roll, chive creme fraiche, citrus vierge with Siberian Caviar


Hibiscus and Rose Marbled Torchon was mixed with peppercorn sable, variations of huckleberry, fig compote and peanut butter dust.  This was levels of flavors combined with lots of textures.  The essence of foie gras had me right away but this added a bit of spice and tons of different flavors that all produced new delicious combinations.

Hibiscus and Rose Marbled torchon, peppercorn sable, huckleberry, peanut butter dust
from the side


Georgia Shrimp Causa was layered with avocado mousse and topped with Aji-potato emulsion.  This was a version of Peruvian street food with shrimp cooked in white wine.  A little red pepper on top added a perfect zip to the avocado mousse.  The perfectly cooked shrimp were a great combination with the rich whipped potatoes.  Served in a gravy boat like plate – it was a perfect choice for this flavor filled bowl of richness.

Georgia Shrimp Causa, avocado mousse, aji-potato emulsion
Frankie watched the action


Lotus Flower dumpling was accented with Daikon radish in a shitake-black vinegar broth.  A veal and duck sausage made the filling for the thin delicate pasta flower.  A bit of truffle added an aromatic element.  The broth alone was a treat but then add in this perfect dumpling and you’re in food heaven.

Lotus flower dumpling, daikon radish, shitake black vinegar broth
over lit
from the top


Grilled salmon was accented with XO oil, celtuce, finger lime and sea buckthorn buerre blanc.  The rich and savory salmon was barely cooked and delicious.  It just melted in your mouth and was so enriched by the sauce and citrus.   I’m picky on salmon, but this was a real winner.

Grilled salmon, XO oil, celtuce, finger lime, sea buckthorn buerre blanc
over lit
from the side


Smoked squab was plated with popped sorghum, Cippollini fondant and foie-infused jus. The dark meat was made into a sausage that was wrapped with a thin skin.  The breast meat was cooked medium rare and luscious with the sauce and other ingredients on the plate.  Another great one.

Smoked squab, popped sorghum, cippoliinin fondant, foie-infused jus
cut open
Great server and bartender Christopher Ford and Frankie


The transition course was Lemon sherbet on a coconut crumble and topped with crystallized basil.  This was nicely flavored and a good transition.

Lemon sherbet, coconut crumble, crystallized basil
little closer


Showing they have a sense of humor my dessert plate was decorated with a “congratulations” message.  This was due to me answering that stock question upon being seated, “are you celebrating anything tonight?” I always reply, “yes, I’m celebrating being alive and enjoying another day.”  I love that they took it to heart.  Dessert was a Rose Water Panna Cotta with vanilla sable, raspberry paper and lychee sorbet.  Some of the droplets on the plate were rose water folded into gelatin and raspberry was turned into a cracker.  Add to that vanilla cream, and spiced lychee sorbet.  It was fun to play with all the combinations of flavors and textures.  A really great way to end a superb meal.

Rose water panna cotta, vanilla sable, raspberry paper, lychee sorbet


A few last candies were crystalized cocoa sugar on a passion fruit jelly that was tart and good; a dark chocolate filled with vanilla cream and a seasalt caramel chocolate toffee crunch topped with edible gold was chewy and great.  Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of any of them before they were eaten.   That’s a positive sign.

A parting gift was some seasoned popcorn.  It was a good snack for another day.

Frankie sniffed out gift
Chef Ron Hsu and Frankie



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