The Silver Skillet, Atlanta, 11/11/21


The Silver Skillet has been in business since 1956 has been featured in many movies, television shows, magazines and newspapers.  Their homemade lemon ice-box pie was voted one the “5 Best Pies in the the USA” by Life Magazine.   It is a 50’s style diner that serves breakfast all day and is considered an Atlanta landmark.   Inside you’ll find lines of booth seating with a few stools at the counter that look into the kitchen.  Windows to the street are on two sides and memorabilia and items for sale decorate the other walls.  Country music is in the background, acoustic tile makes up the ceiling and old linoleum serves as the floor.   Lots of parking is around the building and inside you are greeted by friendly, helpful staff.  The menu breaks no food barriers but it is well done using quality ingredients.  I was skeptical to go there but it was well worth the visit and if it was closer, I’d go back.


amazing server who piled plates up her arm
Frankie checked out the floor
peek in the kitchen
menu 1
menu 2
Frankie liked the formica


Food and Drink

If you order Iced Tea you can choose sweetened or unsweetened and with or without lemon.

Frankie enjoyed some good iced tea


Country fried steak can be smothered with brown or white gravy and comes with your choice of 2 vegetables and homemade cornbread or biscuits.  I chose white gravy and sides of fried okra and 3 cheese macaroni.  The steak was nicely seasoned and the gravy properly peppery.  It was tender inside with a good crisp on the outside.  The fried okra was made with fresh slices of okra and delicious.  It was crisp and lightly breaded.  Many of the pieces stuck together but that’s a small gripe.  The 3 cheese mac was more disappointing.  It didn’t have any creaminess but it did have plenty of cheese mixed with the shell shaped pastas.  I couldn’t decide between cornbread and biscuit and the server suggested one of each –  brilliant.  The cornbread was on the sweet side but really delicious.  The biscuit was tender and served with packets of salted and unsalted butter.  It was really good but the cornbread won my vote.

chicken fried steak, fried okra, 3 cheese mac
closer 3 cheese mac
closer okra
closer chicken fried steak,
biscuit and corn bread
different angle


The Turkey Club came with a choice of fries, onion rings or side item.  We chose fries and they were a good crisp version of frozen fries.  The club sandwich was stuffed with fresh roasted turkey and tasty bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on perfectly toasted white toast.  The white meat turkey was cut about 1/4 inch thick and nicely moist.    It was a very satisfying sandwich.

Turkey club with fries
Frankie checked out the table selections


Lemon Ice-Box pie is made the old fashioned way.  Graham crackers made the bottom crust and vanilla wafers made up the back portion.  A thick layer of tart lemon cream was on the bottom and equalled by the soft meringue topping.  It was full of flavor with a nice smooth texture.

lemon icebox pie
from the top
from the back



art in the men’s room
ladies room chandelier
Frankie checked out the art in the ladies room

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