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Husk in Savannah is in the Landmark Historic District with Executive Chef Chris Hathcock using locally sourced products to showcase Southern cooking.  The 1898  building is purported to be haunted and after being built as a home served as an Elks Lodge and a performing arts school until it was abandoned in 1985.   In 2008 it was severly damaged in a fire.  The Neighborhood Dining Group, parent company of the Husk brand (you’l find other Husks in Charleston, Nashville, Greenville, SC.) bought the 10,000 square foot building and its 3 stories of event space.  It has a capacity of over 200 including a bar area room for 84.  At the hostess stand is the list of area farms and ingredients they use and it’s the same at the other Husks. Executive Chef Sean Brock helped develop the concept and this one opened in Jan. 2018.  I thought the Charleston one was much better.  This one is too large.

sign out front
welcome mat
provider list


We were seated in a huge booth in the large second floor bar area.  The raw bar prep station was located just opposite the huge u-shaped bar.  Downstairs were several smaller dining rooms and the opening to the kitchen.  The third floor is for events. Fairly loud music was in the background as well as the sound of shakers in the bar.   With the high ceilings, wood floors and bare wood tables it made for a pretty noisy background.   The lights were lowered and the windows to the outside were frosted.  The seats were comfy and the walls were decorated with large art set off by lights other than the large chandeliers.

dining area looking to raw bar
room paintings
raw bar
another dining room



menu cover
wine list


Stone Crab Claws from southern GA, came with Florida sauce and sea beans and came 2 to an order. Our orders came out on one tray with a pile of shucked crab meat in the center.  Don’t know if this is standard or because one of our claws was stunted and spongy meat, but either way a nice thing.  The sauce was slightly bland and therefore didn’t overshadow the mild crab sweetness.  Other than the mutant one, they were fine.

Stone Crab Claws – 2 orders
closer sauce


Peel and Eat SC shrimp with white BBQ sauce and HUSK Old Bay were served by weight and thus an uneven number.  They were perfectly cooked and nicely presented, with a separate bowl for shells.  The idea was to dip in the white BBQ and then the Old Bay.  It was a lovely, tasty combo and nicely accented the perfectly cooked shrimp.  The shrimp had a wonderful texture and it was an excellent rendition of a usual dish.  The only thing that would have added to the experience would be a moist towel or finger bowl to clean up after this and the crab.

Peel and Eat SC Shrimp


Oysters on the half shell came with lemon, sea beans, cocktail sauce, horseradish-peanut relish and HUSK vinegar.  We had the Carolina Gold from Wards Creek, NC as there were no GA ones offered.  They were lovely oysters and had a huge variety of adornments to add to them.

Frankie kept her distance


White Lilly Biscuits were made with smoked black pepper and served with sorghum & butter.  They came 3 to an order and were good sized.  They were soft, fluffy and tender and filled with a smokey essence.

White Lily Biscuits


Coal roasted quail mole came with sweet potato, warming spices and pecans.  The quail could have been cooked a hair more but tasty.  It was semi-boneless and the sauce was very good.  The potato dish was good not great and maybe could have also benefitted from another minute of cooking.

Coal Roasted Quail Mole


Golden Tilefish was served with Ancil’s mushrooms stuffed with baby Vidalia onions and buttermilk.  Here the fish could have been cooked a bit less but the nice creamy sauce helped fill that gap.  The onions and mushrooms were tasty but the onion was still on the crisp side for my tastes.

Golden Tilefish


Broccoli was served with Hakurei turnips and togarashi (Japanese mixed chili peppers).  The pieces were nicely browned but a bit tough.  They were well seasoned and flavorful though.   It was fine but could have been better.

Broccoli, Hakurei turnips


Frankie checked out the remains


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