Clary’s Cafe, Savannah, 3/4/22


Clary’s Cafe is a good sized place on a street corner with outdoor tables as well as 2 rooms for dining inside.  They even have a parking lot.  They serve breakfast and lunch all day.  It started as a drug store in the 1930’s  and later added a soda shop and now is a traditional diner.  It moved to its present location in the 1940s.  Featured in the book and film version of the novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”,  it was transformed back into Clary’s drugstore.   Today inside you’ll find brick walls, an old wood floor, faux marble tables, music in the background and a stained glass window of Savannah’s Bird Girl.  A hostess greets you outside and directs you to the old pharmacy room that only has tables or the room with a counter that used to be the soda shop.  It is pet-friendly.  Service was efficient and really friendly and the food was good.


other room
Frankie looked down the counter



lunch menu
breakfast menu
Frankie checked out the table ammenities


Our Club Sandwich is a very popular big triple-decker with crisp bacon, fresh turkey breast or ham, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise with potato chips or fries and a pickle spear.  You can also order to have both meats which we did and chose fries over chips.   You also have a choice of bread and we picked white.  The 3 slices were nicely toasted and filled with a balance of ingredients.  The freshly roasted turkey went nicely with the crisp, smokey bacon.  It was well done.  The fries were frozen and not too crisp but tasted okay.  If I went back, I’d have chips.  The pickles were in round slices on the side.

Our Club Sandwich
closer sandwich
closer fries


The Grilled Reuben Sandwich contains thinly sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, dressing and sauerkraut on a toasted caraway rye bread with fries and pickles.  It was a favorite of the server and a popular item.  I can see why because it was wonderful.  Stuffed with tender thin sliced corned beef, it was nicely dressed.  The sauerkraut was actually moist and had flavor.  It was a good balance of ingredients and the meat was tender enough it didn’t all pull out when you tried to bite it.  Lots of flavor here.  Same opinion of the fries as above.

Grilled Reuben Sandwich


Our Famous Jumbo Homemade Eclair is filled with Bavarian Creme custard and topped with rich dark chocolate.  It will feed two or more – they are not kidding on the size.  Inside was a creamy, tasty pile of custard and the chocolate topping was thick and rich.  The eclair shell has never been a favorite of mine and this one was no exception but it was stuffed with goodness and fun textures and flavors, so who could complain here?   A really great ending to a retro meal.

Our Famous Jumbo Homemade Eclair
from the side
from the top
Frankie doesn’t eat chocolate

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