The Prime Rib, Baltimore, 5/1/22

street entrance – 1101 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202

The Prime Rib was founded by brothers Buzz and Nick Beler in 1965 and is still a family run business.  It evokes feelings of 1940s Hollywood with lower lighting, live music, stiff drinks and fabulous food and service.  They now have several locations.  The Baltimore location is a dark place with art on the walls, white clothes on the tables, comfortable seating, black walls with gold trim, leopard print carpet and complimentary valet parking in the garage below.  It’s the kind of place that makes you feel welcome, that they’re glad you’re there.  Timing was relaxed as we enjoyed a terrific martini and live piano music.  The server was fantastic and really added to the overall experience.  If you are in the mood for beef, put this place on your list.  We were one of the last ones out so I took interior photos then.  (Didn’t get a pic of the menu but you can find it on their website <; and make sure you pick the city you want).


Frankie shared restaurant details
welcome mat
interior ceiling
dessert menu
Frankie enjoyed a martini



Bread service was a warm “New Orleans style” loaf with softened butter. It was light on the inside with a thin crisp crust.  Nice.

bread and butter
Frankie liked the table light


“Our Famous Potato Skin Basket” originated in 1965 and is served with horseradish sauce. They are crispy halves of potato with a small amount of potato still attached to the skin.  They were fun to eat alone or with a bit of the horseradish sauce or sour cream with chives on top.  Great.

“Our Famous Potato Skin Basket”
Frankie tried one


Roast Prime Rib comes in 2 sizes.  We opted for the Signature Cut and it was cooked perfectly to order.  It came with some freshly shredded horseradish and some natural juices.  The meat was tender and had lots of flavor.  It was excellent.

Roast Prime Rib – Signature Cut
Wonderful server Christopher and Frankie


Creamed Spinach was a side dish that was plenty to share.  It had a bit too much nutmeg for my tastes but was otherwise just fine.

creamed spinach


Onion Rings were another side dish and although they tasted fine, they seemed to be a frozen variety rather than fresh made.  The onion pulled out from the coating quite easily but they weren’t greasy.

onion rings


Gala Apple Pie a la mode featured a locally made ice cream with a generous slice of pie.  It also came with a boat of caramel whiskey sauce.  The crust was very good and the sauce was great.  The pie was filled with tasty, well-cooked apples.  A slice of heaven here.

Gala Apple Pie a la mode with caramel whiskey sauce
ice cream
caramel whiskey sauce
Frankie napped

9 thoughts on “The Prime Rib, Baltimore, 5/1/22

  1. That all looks fantastic. I love prime rib and that looks exactly how I would enjoy it. I love places such as this….the ambiance. So relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. (you should have sent me any leftovers! If you had any. lol)

  2. Odd that the Baltimore location is the only one I’ve not been. The DC one is always reliable, but the Philly one has been awful the last 2 times I was there…

    1. That’s wild! Part of our fun that evening was the terrific waiter, besides the great prime rib. Funny how locations vary. Thanks for your input- I’ll stay away from the Philly one.

      1. If you get up to Milwaukee again, Ward’s is one of the very best. And in LA, Taylor’s in Koreatown is excellent.

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