The Drover Restaurant & Lounge, Omaha, 5/6/22

entrance – 2121 S 73rd St, Omaha, NE 68124

The Drover invented the whisky marinated steak idea over 40 years ago. It opened in 1969 as the “Cork ‘N Cleaver” and changed to the current name 10 years later.  It is a large place divided into several smaller rooms of 4-5 tables each, all with no windows.  A large bar is in one room, the lights are lowered and no music is in the background.  Bare wood tables, brick walls, lower ceilings and carpet keep the conversation noise very manageable.  There is a different menu for lunch but most of the steaks on the dinner menu are available if you want.  The steaks are marinated in a combination of secret ingredients for just 15 minutes before grilling so the marinade does not overwhelm the flavor of the beef but does enhances tenderness.  Steaks can be ordered without the marinade soak but you would lose out, even if you are not a whisky fan.  All dinners are served with bread, soup or salad and choice of potato or vegetable.  At lunch they skip the bread and the salad is via salad bar.  It’s old school and good.


Frankie thought they’d fit her
salad bar/grill
lunch menu
dinner menu
wine list
Frankie looked for the fire


The Charbroiled Whiskey Grilled Prime Rib came with choice of soup or salad bar and choice of fries, cole slaw or cottage cheese.  The salad bar was right in front of the grill area so you had a show while serving.  The plates were chilled metal and there was a huge bowl of torn lettuce and toppings that included cherry tomatoes. onion, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber, green pepper. olives, pepperoncini, carrots along with pickled beets.  The dressings were in separated plastic cups.  Finally there were toppings of seeds, croutons, grated cheese and bacon bits.  I had the blue cheese dressing which was way too mild but gave it a creamy topping that melded it.  Everything was nicely fresh and good.

salad bar
salad bar
toppings at salad bar
Frankie sniffed the blue cheese dressing
salad with blue cheese
salad with Italian dressing


The excellent Whiskey Grilled Prime Rib was able to stay nicely rare even being cooked twice.  It was set on a piece of griddled toast prior to serving that soaked up juices and fat and was really tasty too.  The marinade was mostly tasted on the edge pieces and it gave it a slight sweetness that was very pleasant.  I accepted some creamy horseradish sauce on the side but found I didn’t want to use it – the meat was so nice on its own.  With the meat we both chose fries which were the frozen variety and not very crisp.  They were okay but I filled up on the meat and didn’t need them.  Dessert was an oral menu that mostly consisted of cheesecake variations.

Whiskey Grilled Prime Rib and fries
prime rib with fries and creamy horseradish
toast underneath
Frankie posed

5 thoughts on “The Drover Restaurant & Lounge, Omaha, 5/6/22

  1. Great timing. I just recommended this place to my brother-in-law, who will be in Omaha for business soon. Unfortunately, I missed it in favor of Johnny’s Cafe when in Omaha during 2018. Johnny’s was a disappointment. I had a feeling The Drover would be better, but we had been on the road all day and chose Johnny’s in part because it was much closer to our hotel. I regret that.

    1. Omg! We had looked into going to Johnnys. It’s older and I even took a picture of the exterior. Always a guess when you’re visiting but thanks for making me feel good about our choice.

      1. Johnny’s looks like it should have closed already. I can see it having been a great place to dine years ago, but not any longer.

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