Petit Louis Bistro, Baltimore, 5/1/22

building – 4800 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210

Petit Louis offers classic French bistro dishes with emphasis on seasonal and regional ingredients.   It opened in June 2000 and was the second restaurant of Tony Foreman and Chef Cindy Wolf.   They chose the location of a former neighborhood hot spot in a 1897 era Tudor style building that was the country’s first strip mall.  There were not many French bistros in Baltimore then and it was popular as soon as the doors opened.  They re-did the interior and hired Chef Chris Scanga to run the kitchen. It has 2 indoor rooms and a large covered patio area.  Inside the small marble topped tables are closely set and lots of windows to the street add natural light.  A large bar is part of one room, no music is in the background and there is a parking lot our front as well as street parking.  It had a fun ambiance with attentive service as well as good food.  I’d go back.


dessert menu



Bread service was a basket of sliced breads and softened butter.  They were not too crusty but fine.

bread and butter


Terrine de Foie Gras was made up of a la mode Landaise foie gras terrine, seasonal fruit compote and grilled baguette.  The mild terrine was tasty, especially on the buttery toasted baguette bread.  The pear jam was wonderful and good with the terrine.  The sharp water cress leaves were mainly for color.  It was plenty to share and good.

Terrine de Foie Gras
Frankie looked out the window


Croque-Monsieur was made Madrange ham, Gruyere on brioche with pommes frites.  The great thin house cut fries were perfect – crisp and potato flavored.  The sandwich was huge and heavy and delicious.  Lots of great Swiss cheese with tasty thin sliced ham is a winner in most times but this was enhanced with the egg coated bread.  It was a nice balance of ingredients and a very satisfying lunch.  We passed on dessert.

Croque Monsieur
closer fries
Frankie thought the ketchup was for her

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