Yolk Restaurant, Manzanita, OR., 7/30/22

exterior – 503 Laneda Ave., Manzanita, OR., 97130

Yolk is a small place serving breakfast (all day) and lunch (beginning at 11:00) in the little town of Manzanita.  They have been in business since 2018 and strive to have your dining experience provide a level of flavor and service that reflects their zest for life. It was a very popular place but takes no reservations so show up early if you don’t want to wait.  Inside there was seating at small tables or a few seats were at the kitchen counter.  There were also stools on two sides of the large bar but they were only for those over 21.  On the patio, there were several additional tables.  The hostess at the entry had a list.  Music was in the background and the vibe was casual and fun with a concrete floor, metal siding on the bar, windows to the outdoors, tile front on the kitchen counter and lots of wood and mirrors.  The service was super friendly and would offer advice as well as joke around.  In addition to the menu, there were daily specials.  It was a good place.


different counter facings (kitchen left, bar on right)
breakfast menu
lunch menu
Frankie posed with some coffee and the table amenities



Lamb hash was a special that day and served with edamame, okra, green pepper, onion, potato and a titch of cream.  It was topped with two eggs and came with a biscuit (or toast).  It was a large portion with all the vegetables nicely cooked and they managed to keep the eggs fairly runny.  It had a good lamb flavor and a nice mix of supporting ingredients.  The biscuit was large and dense.  A bit too heavy in my book.  They brought a packet of butter and there was some raspberry jam on the table but in a do-over, I’d have the toast with the fine hash.

Lamb hash with biscuit
from the top
biscuit inside with jam


Eggs Benedict was another daily special and came with fresh greens or potatoes and could be ordered as a half (1) or full order (2).  I got the half order so I could also try the French toast.  The perfectly poached egg, bacon and toasted muffin were coated with housemade hollandaise and shreds of tarragon.  It was good.  There was enough sauce to also mix some with the well-sautéed potato chunks.  They were nicely seasoned too, with a good crisp edge.

Eggs Benedict, half order
little closer


Crispy French custard toast was a brioche bread soaked long and then grilled slow for a custard center and can be ordered by the piece.  It was nice to be able to try it with just one piece served with a small side of syrup.  The exterior was like it was dipped in breadcrumbs and fried – it was so nicely crisped.   That made a wonderful contrast with the moist creamy interior.  The dusting of powdered sugar was mostly for looks and I could have used a bit more syrup but it was fine to eat just as it came.  Strong recommendations for this item.

Crispy French custard toast and syrup
Frankie posed on the wood decorations


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