Wally’s Place Bagel & Deli, South Hero, VT, 10/19/22

building – 260 US 2, South Hero, VT., 05486

Wally’s Place was named for owner Matt Bartle’s grandfather Wally Nieblin, who was a great supporter of the local food shelf/pantry.  It was established to provide a healthy and delicious alternative to current breakfast and lunch restaurant trends.  They bake their own breads and pastries and use locally sourced ingredients.  They are located in a shopping center just off the main highway between Burlington and Montpelier, VT in the small town of South Hero.  When you enter there are a number of counters that hold pastries, breads and refrigerated items.  The menus for breakfast and lunch are hanging above and the coffee bar is at one end of the counters.  Behind the cases is the kitchen that bakes all the bread.  The staff was super friendly and willing to customize.  There are tables inside to eat at but many got items to go.  Everything we tried there was first rate and I’d go back often if I could.


pastry counter
order counter
bread availability
coffee area
eating area
Frankie explored the water area



We stopped in to try a bagel sandwich after reading about it in the Washington Post, but the apple turnover caught my eye.  The flakey buttery pastry contained lots of sweet and well-seasoned apples.  The exterior was crisp and dotted with sugar.  It was sweet and great.

apple turnover
Americano coffee


The Montreal Smoked Meat breakfast sandwich contained egg, grilled smoked beef brisket, swiss, and grainy mustard on a sesame seed bagel.  You could choose the type of bagel.   The clerk suggested the sesame bagel with it and it was a good choice.  The bagel was soft and fresh and stuffed with tasty ingredients – gooey cheese, tons of sliced smokey meat, and punctuated with wonderful grainy mustard.  It was delightful.

Montreal Smoked Meat breakfast sandwich
Frankie shared restaurant details

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